What Color Goes With Green? Tried-and-True Green Combinations

While green isn’t a neutral color like white or black, it’s been a staple in house design and fashion for decades. This bold earthly hue is inextricably tied to spring and fresh beginnings.

Whether you want to shake things up and freshen your wardrobe or remodel your home, green is a winning choice. Although it may seem like green doesn’t pair well with many colors at first glance, the dozens of fantastic combinations you can utilize will indubitably surprise you.

So, what color goes with green? You don’t have to wonder anymore; keep reading to find out!

What Does the Color Wheel Say?

You know what they say; opposites attract! When it comes to color matching, you should always follow this rule of thumb.

According to color theory, you can determine which shades go with any color in question by looking at the ones opposite it on the color wheel. In this case, green sits across from red. So, we’ve just found our first combination!

However, it isn’t always as cut and dried as it may sound at first. Green also pairs nicely with many colors adjacent to it on the wheel. So, it all boils down to finding complimenting tones.

Tried-and-True Green Combinations

If you want to take the guesswork out of the process, check our next quick guide that can help you decide which colors go with green.


Looking for a timeless combination? Well, you can’t go wrong with cream and green! True white and green can be a bit boring, so this alternative color match is perfect for those who want to try something new that still looks classy.

Not only does cream contrast quite nicely with green, but it also goes well with all its shades. So, you don’t have to spend hours looking for the correct tone of green to pair with cream.

For house remodels, you can combine green countertops with cream centerpieces for a chic vibe. Alternatively, pairing a cream shirt with olive pants can be the ultimate summer look!


Blending two lively shades like orange and green is bound to raise some eyebrows, but if you’re feeling bold, this combo certainly sends a strong statement.

Dark forest green and pale orange are one of those color schemes we absolutely adore; they give a dynamic look without feeling too overbearing. For a neon retro design, experiment with chartreuse and bright orange. We recommend adding some black to this arrangement to keep it a bit grounded.


If you want a color scheme that just screams “tranquility,” you must try pairing brown and green. After all, it’s a classic combination for a reason! Since it’s a rich color, brown compliments the cooler undertones of green without drawing attention away from them.

Brown and forest green, in particular, make an excellent duo! Try mixing green furniture and wood floors to make your home space look cozier and more lived in. Adding some green accessories to an outfit with brown can also elevate it, making it seem less boring.


Yes, mixing green and blue sounds bizarre at first, but hear us out! As mentioned previously, it all depends on finding the right shade. This combination draws on inspiration from mother nature. Just take a look at blue lakes bordering vibrant green forests—perfection!

In this case, we recommend mixing and matching navy blue with emerald green. Both these vibrant hues work in harmony to create an effortless, classic vibe.

You can also try pairing pastel blue or turquoise with green for a more subdued feel. This is the best color scheme you can go for if you want to create an outdoorsy living space or outfit.


Coral and green? Yes, please! Lovers of the cottagecore aesthetic will absolutely love this rustic combo. For a bold look, combine olive green and soft coral.

Since coral is a shade bursting with energy, you may also choose to offset its vibrancy by incorporating paler green hues; we’re looking at you, mint green!

This coral + green combo greatly compliments floral patterns. So, whether you’re revamping your house or brainstorming a killer outfit, make sure to include some florals for the ultimate natural vibe.


In theory, green and yellow shouldn’t go well together at all since they’re neighbors on the color wheel. However, citron, for example, brings a unique zest to the table when mixed with green, especially teal shades and pistachio.

For a neon-like, youthful look, give mustard and lime green a go. On the other hand, if a sophisticated vibe is what you’re going for, mint green and pale yellow are the answer.

Yellow’s fancy sibling, gold, is also a nice variation to try when the situation calls for a glamorous color scheme. Remember, when choosing an outfit that includes green, gold accessories are always the way to go!


Let’s end this list with a bang! Green + purple is a precarious mix. By selecting the right shades, you can experiment with many moods and looks. However, one wrong step and you might amp up the drama too much, ending up with the Joker’s color scheme!

Certain saturated hues, like Kelly green, work very well when paired with softer shades like lavender and lilac. On the other hand, plum looks incredible against emerald green, inciting a warm, cozy feel.

We know that this combo can seem a bit odd for some, so adding some neutrals like cream or white can help offset any harsh tones.

Bottom Line

Green is a fresh, versatile color that compliments a myriad of shades. You can probably tell by now that the secret doesn’t lie in knowing what color goes with green but in learning how to pair muted and vibrant hues together.

So, don’t be afraid to experiment, and certainly don’t let our list make you adopt a cautious vision! Playing with colors should be fun, and when in doubt, you can always throw in some neutrals to offset overpowering color schemes.

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