25 Cool Drawing Ideas for Your Sketchbook

I have some motivational drawings to help you start drawing if you’re looking for cool and easy drawing ideas.

Considering how much time I’ve been spending at home lately, I made the decision to pick up drawing again.

I’ve been enjoying looking through Pinterest for sketchbook ideas. I can feel my work improving with each new work of art I produce. This challenge has therefore been very worthwhile.

I’ve recently been looking for amazing drawing references, and I came across some decent sketches and drawings. I thought it would be cool to share some of the artwork I came across while looking.

Cool Sketchbook Drawing Ideas

1. Shoes


Draw the shoes on your feet (or someone else’s!) or take some out of your closet and make up a small still life.

2. Crying Eyes

Crying Eyes

These eyes convey a tale and are so full of emotion. The usage of art here is fantastic. To add color to your artwork, use colored pencils. They make your work so much more distinctive.

3. Mountains


I hope you try this picture in your sketchbook because mountains are a terrific topic for anyone starting to draw.

4. Old Car

Old Car

Here, I’m getting rather dated. Better still if you come across one in a field. Every time you come across a topic that could become a fantastic work of art, take pictures of it.

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5. Eyeglasses


You can wear sunglasses or ordinary glasses. Put them in an intriguing position, perhaps take into account their reflection, or add a fake reflection of your own.

6. The Planets


Since I really recreated this drawing, I can attest to how much fun it was to create. To add even more detail to your finished design, color it with colored pencils.

7. Old Camera

Old Camera

Considering pictures, why not use an old camera? The text, ellipses, and buttons should present you with a fun task.

8. Globe and Flowers

globe and flowers

It’s actually very simple to design this globe with flowers, making it ideal for beginners.

9. Dragon


When I was younger, I used to enjoy drawing dragons constantly. I had to put a dragon drawing on this list because I thought they were the coolest topic to draw. Draw as many different types of dragons as you can think of; there are countless ways to draw them!

10. Ocean Waves

Ocean Waves

Anything that is always moving will be difficult. On this one, you might wish to work from a picture. Here’s a lesson you might find useful.

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Cool Sketch Ideas Easy!

11. Cactus Drawing


Here is a cute illustration of a cactus attacking a cat. I was considering using this illustration as a greeting card for a friend.

12. A hand Holding Smartphone


Draw a Hand Holding Something: You always have this with you, so come on. Draw on it after taking it out and setting it down.

13. A Cup of Pencils

cup of pencils

Start a sketch with at least three pencils in a cup.

14. Cup of coffee

cup of coffee

Drawing is a fantastic morning exercise to do with your coffee. You should try this, whether it’s black coffee in an old cup or a sophisticated latte.

15. Whale with Bubbles Easy Drawing Idea

whale with bubbles

This whale drawing is very adorable and simple to do. I also adore the color scheme employed here. An original greeting card made from this drawing would be lovely.

16. An old factory

an old factory

Grab your sketchbook and head out to look for an abandoned factory if you reside in the city. Try to depict the aging years.

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17. Headphones


This wonderful and adorable illustration shows a heart listening to its own beat or tune. I thought it was a cool concept; I hope you like it.

18. Houseplants


Are there any indoor plants in the area? Make them appear attractive when you draw their portrait. If not, search for a photo of a plant you’d like to have in your home on Google.

19. Koi Fish

koi fish

The advanced beginner will love this koi fish reference. The addition of the flowers and the waves in the lake is extremely lovely.

20. A Sailboat


If you enjoy painting seascapes, why not include a sailboat? This lesson might be useful to you.

Cool Drawing Ideas Easy for Your Sketchbook

21. Paper Airplane

paper airplane

Drawing paper aircraft is a fun idea, so I made a miniature globe with one flying around it. With a little imagination, even tiny, delicate creatures are capable of great feats.

22. A globe


A globe on a stand makes for excellent practice in symmetry and proportion. You might even learn more about geography in the process!

23. A cute Tinkerbell


Since I love to sketch Disney characters, I thought it would be amusing to use Tinker Bell as a reference. If you’d like, you can add color to your drawing.

24. People standing in a line

People standing in a line

The human figure is the best technique to develop your abilities quickly. The human body is one of the most complicated topics ever.

25. Eggs


Eggs make the ideal miniature subjects for drawings. They are not only lovely, but the lack of sharp lines forces you to concentrate on all the delicate shading that goes into creating an egg.

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