30 Easy and Simple Fish Drawing Ideas

Starting an art project can be daunting, especially if you’re new to the canvas or looking for something light and fun to pass the time. But here’s the good news: drawing doesn’t have to be complicated to be enjoyable or impressive. That’s why we’ve put together a list of 30 easy and simple fish drawing ideas.

Whether you’re trying to find a quiet moment for yourself, need an engaging activity for the kids, or just want to sketch something quick and satisfying, these ideas are perfect for artists of any level.

From the majestic simplicity of a goldfish to the playful lines of a cartoon shark, there’s something in the sea for everyone.

So, grab your pencils, and let’s make a splash on the paper with some friendly fish designs.

30 Easy and Simple Fish Drawing Ideas

1. Cartoon Goldfish

Cartoon Goldfish

A goldfish with a round body, a big tail fin, and a cheerful smile. It looks quite friendly and vibrant, perfect for a playful scene!

2. Simple Betta Fish

Simple Betta Fish

A vibrant and elegant Betta fish is captured in minimalistic style, with long, flowing fins and a sleek body, highlighted against a serene background.

3. Clownfish Outline

Clownfish Outline

This sketch features a simplified outline of a clownfish, showcasing its distinctive stripes and oval body with clarity and simplicity.

4. Koi Fish

Koi Fish

The illustrated Koi fish combines simple curves and larger fins with a few characteristic spots, embodying grace and beauty in a minimalistic design.

5. Fish Skeleton

Fish Skeleton

This cartoonish fish skeleton playfully showcases a basic structure with a spine and ribs, capturing the whimsical essence of a fish’s skeletal framework.

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6. Siamese Fighting Fish

Siamese Fighting Fish

The illustration emphasizes the dramatic tail and fin shapes of a Siamese Fighting Fish, with vibrant colors capturing its fluid beauty without focusing on the scale details.

7. Pufferfish


A round-bodied pufferfish with small, spiky lines for texture, this drawing highlights the pufferfish’s unique defense mechanism in a simple, yet expressive style.

8. Shark Silhouette

Shark Silhouette

A streamlined silhouette of a shark, capturing its basic, elongated shape with a prominent dorsal fin and open mouth, evoking the shark’s powerful presence in the ocean.

9. Angler Fish

Angler Fish

This illustration simplifies the angler fish to its essence, focusing on the luminescent lure that stands out against the darker depths of its simplified body, highlighting the creature’s unique adaptation.

10. Tropical Fish

Tropical Fish

A vibrant illustration of a tropical fish, featuring a basic oval shape adorned with bright stripes or dots and simplified fin shapes, capturing the colorful and diverse beauty of tropical marine life.

11. Flying Fish

Flying Fish

A streamlined fish shape is given small, wing-like fins, capturing the unique ability of flying fish to glide over the water’s surface. This design emphasizes the elegant blend of aquatic and aerial elements that define these fascinating creatures.

12. Fish Bowl

Fish Bowl

This concept features a simple glass bowl containing a couple of basic fish shapes, swimming serenely. The simplicity of the bowl and the fish designs highlight the peaceful coexistence of the fish within their transparent, confined world.

13. Starfish


A simple yet engaging illustration of a starfish, focusing on its five-pointed shape. This design captures the iconic look of a starfish, making it a fun and recognizable addition to any aquatic-themed project or educational material.

14. School of Fish

School of Fish

This illustration depicts several small, simple fish shapes clustered together, embodying the unity and collective movement of a school of fish. The minimalist design emphasizes their communal navigation through the water, showcasing a dynamic and cohesive group.

15. Swordfish


The illustration focuses on the swordfish’s distinguishing long, pointed nose and sleek body, capturing its essence as a swift and graceful ocean predator. The drawing uses simple lines to convey the swordfish’s streamlined form and agility, offering a minimalist yet powerful portrayal.

16. Stingray


The illustration showcases a stingray with a flat body, long tail, and wide, simply outlined wings. It captures the stingray’s graceful form, emphasizing its elegant silhouette against a minimalist backdrop.

17. Whale Shark

Whale Shark

This drawing highlights the whale shark’s large, gentle nature and distinctive mouth, with a simplified pattern. The minimalist approach conveys the whale shark as a gentle giant, focusing on its friendly demeanor and unique markings.

18. Fish and Coral

Fish and Coral

The scene features a simple fish shape amidst basic coral forms, creating a serene underwater landscape. The illustration emphasizes the harmonious relationship between the fish and its coral reef habitat, presented colorfully and invitingly suitable for educational or decorative purposes.

19. Salmon Jumping

Salmon Jumping

This drawing captures the motion of a salmon jumping out of the water, with its body curved in a dynamic leap. The minimalist style emphasizes the salmon’s strength and the grace of its movement, highlighting a moment of natural beauty and agility.

20. Fish on a Hook

Fish on a Hook

The illustration depicts a simplistic fish shape caught on a hook, focusing on the concept of fishing. Using simple lines and shapes, the design conveys the essence of a fish on a hook clearly and straightforwardly, suitable for educational materials or to symbolize the act of fishing.

21. Sea Turtle with Fish

Sea Turtle with Fish

The illustration features a simple silhouette of a sea turtle accompanied by basic fish shapes. It captures the serene coexistence of the turtle with the fish in their natural habitat, emphasizing easy shapes for a clear and engaging depiction of marine life.

22. Jellyfish


This drawing highlights a jellyfish with a bell-shaped body and flowing tentacles, capturing its ethereal beauty. The minimalist design focuses on the jellyfish’s delicate and floating nature, portraying the serene aspects of marine life with smooth lines and a tranquil composition.

23. Seahorse


The illustration of a seahorse showcases its unique curved body with a few added details for character, such as its eyes, snout, and the curl of its tail. The minimalist approach emphasizes the distinctive shape and charming features of the seahorse, making it a captivating representation of this marine creature.

24. Catfish


The illustration captures the distinctive features of a catfish, focusing on its whisker-like barbels and rounded body. The simple, approachable style highlights the catfish’s signature characteristics, making it easily recognizable.

25. Piranha


This cartoonish depiction of a piranha emphasizes its exaggerated mouth and teeth, portraying the fish humorously and exaggeratedly. The playful approach makes the piranha appear more like an animated character, focusing on its ferocious reputation with a light-hearted twist.

26. Guppy


The guppy is illustrated with a small, simple shape and a distinctive fan tail, focusing on the beauty of its tail with minimalistic design. The clear and straightforward depiction captures the essence of the guppy, making it charming and easily recognizable for various uses.

27. Manta Ray

Manta Ray

This illustration aims to capture the manta ray’s large, simple shape with subtle movements of its wings. The design will focus on the grace and majesty of the manta ray, using minimal lines to suggest its elegant glide through the water.

28. Fish Eating Plankton

Fish Eating Plankton

The design will depict a fish with a streamlined shape, surrounded by tiny dots to represent plankton near its mouth. It aims to capture the moment of feeding in a simple, yet detailed manner, highlighting the natural behavior of the fish.

29. Fish in a River

Fish in a River

This concept involves creating a basic fish shape set against wavy lines that suggest flowing water. The simplicity of the fish and the dynamic lines of the river will come together to evoke a serene riverside scene.

30. Fishing Scene

Fishing Scene

A simple scene of fishing, capturing a fish silhouette below the water and a rod above, evoking the tranquility of fishing.

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