How to Draw the Sun – A Step by Step Guide

From Claude Monet’s drawings to Emily Dickinson’s poems, many artists used the sun as inspiration in their artwork. You and your kid can join this hall of fame with simple drawings of the sun, and we’ll help you!

In this article, we’ll give you two tutorials on how to draw the sun, one for your kids and one for you. So grab your pencils and jump in!

Drawing the Sun for Kids

We’ll start with an easy tutorial that your kids can follow to draw a bright-looking sun.

Draw a Full Circle

Give your kid a pencil and encourage them to draw a full circle. But since it’s challenging to get it right, you can give them a drawing compass to ensure they draw a perfect circle or give them any circular item in your house to trace.

Draw the Sun Rays

After drawing a circle, your kid should start adding sun rays. To do so, they’ll draw two curved lines and let them meet at a sharp point. Ideally, they need to draw four rays first in the four main directions. Then, they should fill the empty areas with more rays.

This step will help them draw equal-sized rays instead of irregular shapes. Also, make sure that your kid surrounds the entire circle with rays before jumping to the next step.

Add Decorative Touches

Next, you should encourage your kid to decorate their drawing with a few details. For instance, they can draw some floating clouds and flying birds around the sun. This way, they’ll have more practice with their drawing skills, and they’ll get to use their creativity to choose the decorative details.

Color the Drawing

What makes the sun unique is its blazing yellow color, so your kids’ drawing can’t be complete without it. You can give them different shades of orange and yellow to paint the sun and the rays. As for the coloring material, if they’re old enough to use acrylic or watercolors, so be it. But if they’re too young, give them colored pencils to avoid making a mess around your house.

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Drawing the Sun for Adults

After giving you an easy tutorial that’s suitable for kids, it’s time for a more challenging task. You’ll need yellow, orange, and red-colored pencils for this tutorial.

Draw the Sun

The first step is the simplest. You can either use a regular pencil or a yellow-colored one to draw a full circle, which will resemble the sun. And if you find drawing a perfect circle by hand challenging, you can always use a drawing compass for a more neat finish.

As for the circle’s size, you can choose what you prefer. If you feel overwhelmed and want to draw on a small scale, draw on a small piece of paper. But if you’re ready for a challenge and want to draw a showcasing-worthy masterpiece, grab a large canvas.

Color the Sun

Using your yellow-colored pencil, you should lightly fill the sun with color. Ideally, you should color in horizontal lines and press the pencil lightly on the paper. More so, make sure to use the same shade on the entire body of the sun. This way, you’ll make your drawing more realistic.

Shade With Orange

Next, grab your orange-colored pencil and start shading the top part of the sun. Use the same horizontal lines you used in the last step, and make sure the orange color is bright enough.

It’ll be best to press the pencil tightly in the furthest top part, then lessen the pressure as you go down. Doing so will make the colors blend beautifully and give the color grading a more professional look. After adding the orange color, you can add more yellow to your preference till you get the look you desire.

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Add Some Red

As a final decorative touch, you can add a few strokes to your drawing using the red-colored pencil. However, try not to overdo it to avoid covering your yellow and orange blend. Only a few strokes at the top of the sun will suffice.

Blend the Sun With the Background

Right now, your drawing should consist of a bright sun standing proudly in the center of your paper. To finish your masterpiece, you should blend the sun with the background in an elegant way.

Grab your yellow pencil and surround the sun with a light halo of color. Then, add a few touches here and there using orange and red. Your painting should look as if the sun is shining brightly.

To Wrap Up

Drawing lets you use your creativity and portray basic-looking objects in your own unique way. So, if you have some free time on your hands this weekend, you can arrange a family activity and draw the sun with your kids. You’ll only have to follow our two tutorials, and voila! You have two new masterpieces to add to your collection.

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