How to Draw Spongebob: Easy Step by Step Drawing Guides

With his iconic square pants and pineapple house, Spongebob became one of the most loved cartoon characters in history. He’s an irreplaceable part of an entire generation’s childhood, and you can use him as inspiration for your kids’ next art project.

To help you, we’ve prepared an easy tutorial on how to draw Spongebob. It’ll keep your kids away from the TV for a while and will be fun to draw and color. So, without further ado, let’s jump in!

How to Draw Spongebob

Here are the steps you should follow to draw the ever-loved cartoon character, Spongebob.

1. Prepare Your Drawing Tools

To draw Spongebob, you’ll need a pencil, eraser, and paper. You should also get yellow, brown, red, blue, and black colored pencils to finish your masterpiece with some colors. Alternatively, you can get watercolors or acrylic paints.

2. Outline the Body

The first step in drawing Spongebob is outlining his body. To do so, draw a large square using slightly curved lines in the middle of the paper. Then, draw a rectangle using similar curved lines on the right side of the square. This rectangle’s purpose is to give the character a three-dimensional shape.

Next, extend two short vertical lines from the square you drew and connect them with a horizontal line. Finally, follow the same step under the rectangle to finish Spongebob’s square pants.

3. Draw Spongebob’s Arms

Spongebob wears a white shirt with short sleeves. In this step, you’ll draw his sleeves, arms, and hands. First, draw an oval shape extending from the middle of the rectangle on the right side of the body outline. As for the other sleeve, draw half an oval and enclose it against the left side of the body.

Next, extend two narrow lines from each sleeve to resemble Spongebob’s thin arms. Then, add another two lines to each arm to make it look like he’s standing with bent arms.

4. Draw Spongebob’s Legs

After drawing the arms, you should head downwards and draw Spongebob’s legs. First, draw two vertical lines extending from the left side of the body, but they should be wider at the bottom than at the top. Then, repeat the same step on the right side of the body, where one vertical line extends from the square, and the other extends from the rectangle.

Next, connect every two vertical lines with a curved line to complete Spongebob’s brown shorts. Finally, extend two narrow parallel lines from each side of the shorts for the legs.

5. Draw the Hands

In this step, you’ll complete Spongebob’s arms by drawing his two hands. First, draw a circle at the end of the left arm and a slightly smaller one at the right arm’s end. Then, draw an inverted U-shape that extends from the top of the left hand to resemble Spongebob’s “thumbs up.”

Under the thumb, draw three curved lines that look like folded fingers. Then, draw two short curved lines in the middle of the right hand’s circle that connect to the character’s body.

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6. Erase the Extra Lines

If you look at the drawing now, you’ll notice many extra lines. For instance, you’ll notice that the circles you drew for the hands have extra lines that intercept the fingers. You should look for these lines and remove them all using your eraser to make your drawing look more professional.

7. Draw Spongebob’s Shoes and Socks

Spongebob’s shoes are a bit tricky to draw because they have many curved lines. First, enclose the ends of the legs you previously drew with short curved lines. Then, draw an irregular U-shape that extends from the leg and goes back under itself on the left side of the right leg to resemble the shoe’s body.

Next, draw two short vertical lines extending from the U-shape for the shoe’s heel. Now, your shoe should look complete from one side and incomplete from the other. Go to the unfinished side and draw a short curved line that extends from the leg and ends at the top of the heel. Repeat all of these steps for the other leg.

Finally, draw three horizontal lines on each leg to resemble Spongebob’s socks.

8. Add Wavy Lines

Spongebob has a wavy body, so you should change the straight lines that you used to draw his body’s outline in the first step. To do so, draw wavy lines that go over the square and rectangle you previously drew. Then, erase the straight lines under the wavy ones.

9. Draw Spongebob’s Tie

To draw Spongebob’s tie, draw a short line that curves upwards right under the character’s head. Then, draw an upside-down triangle on both sides of the curved line. Finally, add a diamond below it for the lower part of the tie.

10. Add the Face Details

Draw two oval shapes in the middle of Spongebob’s face for the eyes. Then, add two circles inside them. Next, draw a horizontal U-shape right under the eyes to resemble the nose, and add half a circle on the right side of the nose to draw a cheek.

Draw a long horizontal curved line across the face, and add an inverted U-shape under it for Spongebob’s smiling mouth. Next, add a short curved line right under the mouth for the chin.

Finally, add two rectangles extending from the mouth’s roof for the character’s teeth and two curved lines at the bottom of the mouth for the tongue.

11. Add the Final Touches

Your Spongebob should look complete now, but you’ll add some final touches to make it perfect. First, add the character’s belt by drawing many short straight lines parallel to his shorts’ upper line. Then, add three vertical lines on top of each eye to resemble the eyelashes. Finally, draw many circles and ovals over the character’s body to look like a natural sponge.

12. Color Your Drawing

The final step here is coloring your drawing using colored pencils. Spongebob’s body should be yellow, while his shorts should be brown. More so, he wears a red tie, a white T-shirt, and brown shoes. You can leave the socks without coloring since they’re white, but color the three vertical lines you drew on them using red and blue pencils. Finally, color the eyes a bright blue color.

To Wrap Up

Spongebob is a favorite character for kids, and they’ll love this drawing activity as much as they love watching him on TV. All they have to do is follow this tutorial, and they’ll have a beautiful drawing to brag about at the end of the day!

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