How to Draw Dragons: Instructions for Easy Dragon Drawing

Dragons are super cool, period. These fictional creatures are all around us in movies, games, and books.

And best of all, drawing a dragon can definitely be a fun art project to work on with your kids.

In this guide, we’ll show you how to draw a dragon from A to Z. So, let’s get into it right away!

1. Draw the Head

Draw the Head

We’ll start our drawing with the head of the dragon.

At the top left corner of the canvas, draw a curved line, then draw another one inside it; this will be one of the dragon’s eyes. Then, above the eye, draw an S line, which will be the dragon’s head. Draw a separated extension while keeping it smaller than the head’s line; this will be its mouth.

Draw a curved “up-down-up” line from the bottom end of the mouth’s curved line; the line should be placed in an upward diagonal position pointing towards the right. Then, draw another downward-left S line. Finally, add a small line representing the dragon’s jaw and one more S line going in an upward-right diagonal direction.

2. Draw the Neck

Draw the Neck

From the bottom of the dragon’s head, draw a large S-shaped line that will represent the dragon’s chest. Then, draw an adjacent S line from the uppermost point of its head. You can optionally add an extra S line next to the first line to thicken the neck a bit.

3. Add Spikes

Draw small zig-zags along the complete outer outline of the dragon to add spikes. Then, add larger spikes or horns over the zig-zags for a more aggressive look. You can also draw more spikes around the eye, jaw, and neck.

4. Draw Some Features

Near the mouth, add a small circle for the nostril, then draw 2 curved J-shaped lines coming out of the dragon’s mouth to add the tongue. For the best results, make sure that the tongue noticeably sticks out from the dragon’s mouth.

5. Add the Arms

Add the Arms

At the bottom of the dragon’s neck, draw 2 bent lines for the arms, and end them with a small Zig-zagged C-shaped line for the claws.

Do the same to add the other arm, but this time, start from “behind” the neck. You can also add some spikes to the arms. Just ensure that you make the arm in the back appear a bit smaller than the other one to give the drawing a 3D feel.

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6. Draw the Wings

Draw the Wings

From the bottom of the neck, draw a curved line that goes upwards to start drawing the wings. At the point where the wings bend, draw a few horizontal spikes. After that, draw the rest of the wing with another less-aggressively-curved line, extending it to the far top right of the canvas.

Draw an adjacent line that connects to the last line with a pointy end, then draw another line that’s adjacent to the line connected to the neck.

From the part where the wings bend, draw a spine that looks similar to the upper part of the wing, but this time, you need to draw it horizontally.

Then, draw 2 more spines that point to the bottom right corner of the canvas. Continue adding spines until you reach the bottom of the wing.

Now, you need to connect the spines using curved U-shaped figures. From the upper part of the neck, draw 4 or 5 spines that extend behind the wing to add the other wing. Then, connect the spines with U-shaped lines.

7. Draw the Rest of the Body

Draw the Rest of the Body

Draw a line that acts as an extension for the neck behind the dragon’s arm and connect it to the wing.

Then, from the first wing, draw a few loops to complete the dragon’s body. Finally, draw the tail by making it look like it’s coming from behind the wing. Add more spikes and scales to texturize the body.

8. Color the Dragon

Color the Dragon

Give your dragon some colors. Yellow, orange, and crimson would look awesome. Mix them or use only one color; your call! Also, feel free to use other funky colors.

Background Ideas

Adding a background to your dragon drawing is a great way to make it stand. For example, you can draw a mountain landscape with clouds, an ocean with a shiny sun, or a Chinese castle.

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Final Words

That’s all for today! You should now be able to draw a dragon all by yourself.

And, of course, feel free to get creative and deviate from the instructions a bit to personalize your dragon.

Oh, and don’t forget to spice up your drawing with eye-catching colors and a mesmerizing background!

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