How to Draw Clouds: Easy Drawing Cloud Tutorials

Clouds are marvelous creations, and they’ve been an inspiration for many artworks throughout history. If you love watching them go by peacefully, you can use them as inspiration for a fun family activity this weekend, and we’ll help you!

We’ve prepared two tutorials on how to draw clouds, one for you and one for your kids. So, without further ado, let’s jump in!

How to Draw Clouds for Kids

We’ll start with an easy version of drawing clouds that your kids will love. Here are the steps you should follow.

Prepare Your Tools

You’ll need a pencil, eraser, and paper to draw clouds. You can also get some colors if you want to spice up your drawing after finishing it.

Draw Three Curved Lines

The first step you should follow is to draw three curved lines to resemble the upper half of the clouds. Start by drawing a big line that curves downwards in the middle of the paper. The line should be deep enough to look like half a circle.

Then, draw another curved line on the left of your first line, and make sure they overlap. Repeat the same step but on the right of the first line. These two curved lines should be noticeably smaller than the first one.

Draw the Lower Half of the Cloud

Next, you should complete the lower half of the cloud so that it looks closed. To do so, draw many joined curved lines to give the cloud a fluffier shape. Finally, connect these lines to the upper part of the cloud you drew in the previous step.

Add Decorative Details

In this step, you should add some decorative details to your clouds. For instance, you can add a few spiral lines inside the cloud to give it more depth and make it look fluffier. Also, you can add random curved lines across the cloud.

Draw Another Cloud

Next, you should sketch another smaller cloud behind the original one by drawing a series of connected curved lines. Then, decorate the cloud by drawing small spirals inside it.

Color Your Drawing

Color Your Drawing

The final step here is to color your clouds using whatever colors you prefer. For example, you can use gray or blue to make them look like storm clouds. Alternatively, you can add hues of pink to make them look like the sun is setting behind them.

How to Draw Realistic Clouds for Adults

Here are the steps you should follow to draw realistic clouds.

Draw the Outline

First, you need to outline your cloud using a graphite pencil. To do so, draw many connected curved lines that look like they’re splitting the paper in half. One half will be your clouds, and the other will be the background sky. Make sure that the lines you draw are light so that they don’t look oddly dark after you shade your drawing.

Shade the Sky

Next, you should shade the sky using a 2B or 3B pencil, but don’t press them on the paper too hard. Ideally, you should shade with the pencil’s side instead of its tip. This way, you’ll finish coloring the large paper much faster.

After finishing your first shading layer, you should add another one using the same technique. But avoid crossing the outline and shading the cloud by mistake.

Blend Your Shading Layers

Once you’re done with the shading, you should blend the layers to make them look more artistic. You can use a tortillon, blending stamp, painting brush, or even a paper tissue for this step. Also, apply equal pressure on the paper to avoid smudging.

Shade Your Cloud

In this step, you should shade your cloud using the tool you used in the previous step. For instance, if you used a tortillon, you should color your cloud using its pencil-stained side. This way, the shading will be lighter than that of the sky. It’s worth mentioning that you should shade in a spiral fashion here, not horizontally or vertically, to maintain the irregular shape of the cloud.

You can also use your 2B pencil to highlight the lines of the cloud. Ideally, it shouldn’t look too sharp or too smudgy.

Add Contrast to Your Drawing

To add contrast to your drawing, use a 6B pencil to add another layer of shading to your sky. By doing so, you’ll make the cloud look brighter and more realistic. You can add as many layers of shade as you like, but make sure your sky doesn’t look too dark. Finally, remember to blend your shades using a tortillon or a stamp.

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To Wrap Up

Drawing is a fun hobby that you can practice with your kids. Your kids can follow the simple tutorial and color their clouds using bright colors, while you can take on the more challenging tutorial and use your artistic skills to draw a realistic cloud.

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