How to Draw Angel Wings: Easy Step-by-Step Angel Wings Drawing Tutorial for Beginners

Whether you believe in angels or not, you can’t argue that those divine creatures look beautiful.

You’ve probably seen them in some films and books, but have you ever tried to draw an angel’s wings? Well, guess what, it’s hella fun! And we’re going to walk you through the whole thing from start to finish. So, let’s get started!

1. Draw the Outline

Draw the Outline

First, we’ll start by drawing the outline of the wings. We’d recommend using a pencil because this outline can be pretty hard to get right from the first time.

What you need to do is draw 2 curved “S” shaped lines that mirror each other. The lines must have sharp points at the end. You also need to leave some adequate space between the lines to complete the drawing as you progress with it.

2. Add the Top Feathers

Add the Top Feathers

Next, we’ll draw the feathers at the top of both wings. Put your pencil tip at the highest point of each line and draw a curved line with a diagonal downward angle.

Then, draw another curved line from the end of the first line, creating a “U” shaped figure pointing downwards diagonally. Draw one more “U” shaped figure by following the same steps, and finally, mirror your drawing on the opposite line.

3. Draw the Bottom Feathers

Now, we’ll draw the remaining feathers at the bottom. We’ll draw them almost the same way as the top feathers, but this time, try to make the U-shaped figures smaller to give your wings a unique, more natural look.

You might also want to make the Us a bit more pointy than the ones used to draw the top feathers.

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4. Connect the Feathers With the Initial Outline

Connect the interior of the wing with the bottom edge of the line with a loop “U” figure. Similarly, connect the figure to the bottom feathers with another “U” figure.

5. Add Feathery Details

Add Feathery Details

This step is super important because it’ll make your wings look more realistic.

Draw some curved lines across the top of the wing from the inside to texturize your wings. Then, add an extension to the final line to connect it to the top-flight feather. Do the same on the opposite side.

Moving on to the center of the wing, draw similar curved lines, but this time, make them shorter than the ones at the top. This will make your wings more texturized while maintaining a more “natural” look. Repeat the same instructions for the other wing.

Next, draw another series of short U lines from the lower inner part of the wing to the feather texture.

After that, add a series of connected U lines that go from the lower part of the wing all the way up to the feather texture in the middle of the wing. Do the same for the other wing.

6. Color the Wings

Color the Wings

Once you’ve finalized your drawing, it’s time to add some colors! There are plenty of color choices that’d like nice in an angel wing drawing. We’d recommend going for lighter colors such as baby blue, light pink, bright gold, and light grey. But of course, feel free to pick whatever color you think would look best.

You can either use colored pens or acrylic paints to make your drawing more vibrant. On the other hand, colored pencils and watercolors will give the drawing a muted appearance, so it’s your call.

Finally, consider adding some glitter to make your drawing extra shiny.

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Tips to Draw an Angel Wings Drawing That Stands Out

If you want to make your angel wings drawing look better, try some of these tricks:

Draw an Angel

Connecting the wings to an angel will totally change how your drawing looks. But, surprisingly, drawing an angel isn’t that complicated.

Make the Wings Larger

Extending the outer feathers with even more feathers will make the wings look larger, adding a whole new dimension to your drawing.

Add More Interior Feather Details

Texturizing the interior parts of the wings will give the drawing a more realistic look and feel. The more details you add, the better the drawing will look.

Add a Matching Background

Consider finishing your drawing with a nice background. Maybe draw a sun and some puffy clouds behind the wings.

Draw on an Oversized Canvas

Drawing angel wings on an oversized canvas will make them look more realistic. 

Final Words

Alright, so that was a detailed overview of how you can draw angel wings.

These instructions are very easy to follow, even for juniors. So what are you waiting for? Grab some colors and try recreating this painting with your kids!

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