How to Draw an Among Us Character Step-by-Step Guide

Ever since Among Us emerged in 2018, both adults and kids have been obsessed with it and its colorful characters. If you can relate, you can arrange a fun activity for you and your children and learn how to draw an Among Us character, and we’ll help you!

We’ve prepared two easy and quick tutorials for you to follow. So gather your tools, and jump in!

How to Draw an Among Us Character

You’ll need a pencil, eraser, and paper to finish this drawing. Here are the steps you should follow.

Draw the Face Shield

Draw the Face Shield

The character’s face shield takes the shape of an irregular oval figure. To draw it right, draw a curved line first as the top part of the shield. Then, close it with another curved line under it. Finally, draw a small oval inside the face shield to resemble a light reflection on the glass.

Draw the Body Outline

the Body Outline

After drawing the face shield, you’ll draw the character’s body outline. First, extend a slightly curved line from the right side of the face shield. Then, end it with a half-rounded shape to resemble the right leg.

Above the leg, draw a short line curved slightly upwards to outline the lower torso. Next, sketch another half-rounded shape below the torso for the left leg. Finally, extend a curved line from the left leg till it touches the last curved line you drew and the face shield. Now, you should have a fully enclosed body outline around the shield.

Add the BackPack

Add the BackPack

All Among Us characters carry similar-colored backpacks on their backs. Luckily, drawing it is pretty easy. All you have to do is draw half a circle on your character’s back.

Color the Character

Color the Character

All Among Us characters come in bright colors, like red, blue, yellow, white, etc. So choose a color you prefer and finish your masterpiece with coloring pencils or watercolors.

How to Draw a Christmas-Themed Among Us Character

If Christmas is coming up, you can get your kids excited for the merry season with a Christmas-themed drawing of an Among Us character. It’s easy, won’t take you much time, and will look stunning when you’re done with it. Let’s have a look at the steps you should follow.

Draw the Legs

You’ll begin with the legs instead of the face shield this time. Draw two half-rounded shapes and connect them with a line that’s curved upwards to resemble the character’s torso.

Add a Bow

Next, you’ll draw a bow around the character’s torso so that they’ll look like a present. To add the bow, draw a vertical rectangle right in the middle of the torso. Then, add the ribbon’s wings by drawing three curved lines on each side. Finally, add some depth to your bow by drawing an oval shape on each side right above the bow’s upper lines.

Decorate the bow with two strands coming out of the middle part and going downwards. Finally, draw two horizontal lines on each side of the bow to resemble a belt.

Draw the Face Shield

Above the bow, draw an enclosed oval shape to resemble the face shield that Among Us characters wear. Then, add another oval inside the face shield to look like a glare on the glass.

Sketch the Body Outline and Backpack

First, draw the body outline extending from one side of the bow and above the face shield until it touches the bow’s other side. Then, draw the Among Us character’s backpack by adding half a rounded shape on its back.

Add a Present

After completing the character’s outline, you’ll draw a present on top of its head. First, draw three vertical lines, with two being closer to each other. Then, connect them by drawing four horizontal lines between the vertical ones, two above and two below. Next, add a lid to your present by following the same steps, but draw shorter vertical lines.

After you finish drawing the gift, you’ll notice that the upper curve of the character’s body intercepts the gift. To fix this issue, erase the curve carefully using a thin eraser to avoid removing the gift lines by mistake.

Finish With Final Decorative Touches

Now, your Christmas-themed Among Us character should look complete. But you’ll add a few decorative touches to make it flawless. First, draw some vertical lines on the gift to make it look wrapped. Then, add a cute bow on top by drawing a few curved lines and a flying strand.

After adding these details, you can finish your masterpiece with some colors. For instance, you can color the two bows with a vibrant gold color and the gift with a red color. As for the character, you can use white, yellow, purple, blue, or whatever color you like. You can either leave the face shield uncolored or color it gray.

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To Wrap Up

Among Us is an enjoyable multiplayer game that most generations love. You can have some fun with your kids over the weekend and learn how to draw an Among Us character. And if Christmas is coming up, add a bow and a gift to the drawing to make it look more festive.

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