How To Draw a Tree: A Step-By-Step Tutorial

Drawing a tree is an easy and fun project that kids of all ages can enjoy. Even preschoolers would love getting their hands dirty with this cute art drawing.

The steps are pretty straightforward to follow, so you shouldn’t take much time teaching the little ones how to draw a tree. But since there are so many species of trees out there, there are many ways you can draw a tree.

Alright, now let’s cut to the chase and start drawing!

1. Oak Tree

oak tree

This is probably the easiest tree to draw for preschoolers. Here’s how to draw an oak tree from A to Z:

Draw the Trunk of the Tree

Draw a wavy line with a bit of a diagonal orientation so that it doesn’t look artificial.

Then, draw another line next to it. The second line should also be wavy, but try to make it a little different than the first one to create a natural feel.

Add the Roots

We’re not going to draw under-the-ground roots here, just the top visible part. Draw one root on each side of the tree.

Draw the Grass

You can easily draw some grass around the tree by adding zigzag lines. Make sure that the height of the zigzags fluctuates to mimic the look of natural grass.

Draw the Branches

Start at the top of the tree by drawing two adjacent y-shaped branches. Add more pairs of branches while ensuring that their sizes increase as you go down. Once you start getting close to the tree’s mid-section, stop adding branches.

Then, add a few random shorter branches and connect them to the larger ones.

Draw a Bumpy Tree Line

Try to make the bumpy tree line random for a natural effect. You can also add some zigzag lines to create the leaf details effect.

Add Some Clouds

Draw some clouds behind the tree to complete the scene. It might be a good idea to intersect some of the clouds with the tree, too.

Color the Drawing

When coloring the tree and the grass, make sure that you use different shades of green.

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2. Pine Tree

pine tree

To draw a pine tree, follow these steps:

Draw the Trunk

Draw a freehand vertical trunk that represents the trunk of our tree. Add a small triangle at the very top while keeping its base open.

Draw the Branches

Add More Triangular Lines on top of one another while ensuring that they get larger as you go down. Continue drawing triangular lines until you reach the midsection of the tree. Then, add some empty branches.

Thicken the Trunk

After you’re done drawing the branches, thicken the visible parts of the trunk while making sure that it gets thicker at the bottom. Then, add a shadow for the trunk on the ground.

3. Umbrella Tree

umbrella tree

Here’s the most fun way to draw an umbrella tree:

Draw the Leaf Parts

Draw some oval shapes of varying sizes to create the leaf parts of the tree.

Draw the Trunk

Draw some lines from the oval shapes to the bottom to create the trunk of the tree.

Add Grass

Draw some zigzag lines under the trunk to add grass.

Texturize the Umbrellas

Use a pencil to add texture to the umbrella. Press lightly so that the texture isn’t too aggressive.

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4. Seascape Tree

Seascape Tree

This one is a bit harder than the other drawings, but it’s very interesting. To draw a seascape tree, follow these steps:

Draw a Bent Trunk

Draw a line that slightly curves to the right as it moves upwards.

Add the Crown

The crown should also be drawn in a slightly bent orientation.

Add a Hill

Draw a line at the bottom left corner of the canvas to create a hill.

Make the Trunk Thicker

Add breadth to the trunk by drawing 2 lines at almost equal distances from the original line you’ve drawn earlier.

Draw the Branches

The branches should be leaning towards the right since the wind is blowing them.

Here’s a trick: the main, thicker branches won’t be bent aggressively since they’re strong. So, the thinner branches are the ones that should be leaning to the right.

Add Some Roots

Draw a few lines on the hill to create the roots of the tree.

Draw the Leaves

The leaves will be represented by some light zigzag brushes of a pencil.

Complete the Landscape

Add a sand line, shade the water, and draw some clouds.

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Final Thoughts

So that was how to draw a tree in multiple ways. You can start with the oak tree since it’s the easiest one.

As your drawing skills improve, consider giving the seascape drawing tutorial a shot. Enjoy drawing!

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