How to Draw a Sunset: A Step by Step Guide

The sunset is one of the most stunning sights to behold. A beautiful orange sky unfolds as the day fades into the night. The sunset has a way of calming you down and making you feel at ease with the world.

And you can get a break from work and calm down your nerves with a sunset drawing. After you complete this artwork, you may rejuvenate your soul. It’s not always easy to draw a sunset, but the work is well worth it to produce something so beautiful and memorable.

This easy-to-follow tutorial on drawing a sunset would get you reproducing this natural wonder in no time!

What Are the Steps to Drawing a Sunset?

Get your drawing equipment set up and get ready for some creativity while watching the sunset. Even if you’re not an artist, drawing this masterpiece is quite simple.

We’ll show you two methods of drawing a sunset. The first method is suitable for adults and teens, while the second method is dedicated to children.

Method One

For this method, you’ll require the following materials:

  • Drawing paper
  • Pencil
  • Your favorite colors in the form of paint or crayons

This method comprises the following steps:

Step 1: Sketching a Rectangle

We’ll start by laying the foundation for the work. This stage should be done with a pencil so that you could go back over it later with a pen.

First, create a huge rectangle. Then, draw a horizontal line immediately above the halfway point of the rectangle. Underneath the horizontal line right at the bottom of the rectangle, draw a little circle. Note that without a drawing compass, sketching a circle may be challenging.

Step 2: Remove the Blueprints

For the preceding step of creating your sunset artwork, we’d recommend that you use a pencil. You can now erase the part of the circle underneath the line you drew. Using a pen, duplicate the horizontal line and wipe away any residual pencil.

Step 3: Assemble a Mountain

Make some mountain formations by drawing around the rectangle from one side to the other, a little higher on one side and substantially lower on the other.

Step 4: Create Water Reflections

This step involves sketching a reflection of your drawn sun on the sea, so your masterpiece could have that creative look.

You can accomplish this by drawing basic zig-zags in a triangle pattern under the sun. The zig-zags should be drawn wide while slimming on the way down like a classic triangle.

Step 5: Make a Tree Diagram

To make it more appealing, add a palm tree. Draw a simple palm tree at the base between the two mountains. It doesn’t have to be fancy, but it’ll give your drawing some life!

Draw a series of lines from the tree in various directions to create leaves with the edges pointing upwards. Make them in pairs to give your drawing a more elegant look. Also, you should finish every leaf similarly.

Step 6: Add Other Details to the Scene

With other features, you’ll create a sunset landscape. By creating wavy curved lines, you’ll make curved water waves. You can also draw curving lines to make birds fly through the sky.

Step 7: Finish With Some Color

Your drawing is already stunning, but you can make it even more attractive by adding some brilliant colors! For example, you can use orange for the sun and some parts of the water body, brown for the mountain, and blue for the farthest part of the water from the sun.

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Method Two

You’ll require the following materials:

  • Drawing paper
  • Black marker
  • Crayons

Let’s get started with the steps!

Step 1: Draw the Sun

You can do this by using a compass to ease the drawing process. With the compass in the center of the sheet, outline the circumference of the setting sun, and using a ruler, draw lines with rays emanating from the center to the sides with a simple pencil.

Step 2: Sketch the Hill Boundaries

Draw the hill border from the bottom on one side of the page, then work your way up to where you anticipate the peak height, and back down the other side until you reach the ground level again.

Next, sketch a second line right above the border to depict a second hill. Then, draw a zig-zag line above the first two hills to symbolize the third one.

Step 3: Make a Road on the Ground

On the ground portion, draw the road with two curved parallel lines. The lines should get narrower as they go deeper into the hills toward the sun.

You can get more creative by drawing trees and bushes on both sides of the road.

Step 4: Add Some Clouds to the Picture

Now, add some clouds to the sky above the hilltop. The clouds could be in the form of long curly lines or irregular circles around the hills.

Step 5: Incorporate Color

To finalize the sunset drawing, make it appealing by adding colors. The colors could be your favorite ones or just the original display of a natural, real-life sunset. You can go for a yellow sun accompanied by orange edges, beautiful orange clouds at the lower right and left-hand sides of a blue sky, brown hills, and green trees.

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The sunset is one of the most stunning sights to behold. Both the instructor and the audience can benefit from drawing something beautiful. It’s a wonderful way to hone your drawing abilities and improve your shading skills.

Even if you’re not an artist, learning how to draw a sunset will definitely add some fun to your busy schedule.

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