How to Draw a Moon – A Step by Step Guide

No matter how many people try to depict the moon in their artwork, nothing beats its mesmerizing beauty that makes us marvel at God’s creation.

It’s been an inspiration for poems, movies, songs, myths, and more since the beginning of humanity. And you can join the never-ending list of moon-inspired artworks with simple drawings that you can attempt with your kids.

In this article, we’ll give you two tutorials to teach you how to draw a moon, one for kids and one for adults. So, without further ado, let’s jump in!

Drawing a Moon for Kids

Here’s an easy tutorial of six steps that your kids can try over the weekend.

Draw a Perfect Circle

The first step in drawing a moon is to draw a perfect circle. Make sure to give your kids pencils so that they’ll be able to erase any mistakes they make. Also, drawing a perfect circle looks easy, but it can be challenging for kids. So you can give them a drawing compass to help them finish the task effortlessly.

Draw Another Circle

Next, your kid should draw another circle within the first one. However, leave a small part of it outside the first circle. This step should result in a crescent shape inside the first circle.

Erase the Extra Lines

Once you see a crescent shape inside your circle, encourage your kids to erase any extra lines around it. To do so without erasing the crescent itself, they should first trace their moon with a pen. Then, they can erase the entire paper when the ink dries, and only the pen-drawn crescent will remain.

Add Stars

Stars are every moon’s best friends, and your drawing shouldn’t lack them. Luckily, they’re pretty easy to draw. You can even let your kids use pens instead of pencils in this step. Since there’s no right or wrong here, your kids can draw stars of many sizes around the crescent. They don’t have to stick to a specific size.

Draw Decorative Details

To enhance their drawing, your kids can add final decorative touches. For instance, they can draw floating clouds to give the moon a realistic look. Alternatively, they can paint around the crescent using a dark blue shade to resemble the night.

You can give them cotton balls and glue to make their drawing 3D if they draw clouds. This way, it’ll be a fun drawing and craft at the same time.

Color the Drawing

The final step is to give your kids colored pencils so that they can spice up their drawings. For example, they can use yellow for the stars and blue for the sky. As for the moon, they can leave it white without coloring.

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Drawing a Moon for Adults

After telling you an easy way to draw a moon, it’s time to level up the challenge. In this tutorial, we’ll tell you how to draw a realistic-looking moon. So say goodbye to the cartoonish drawings and dive in!

Draw a Full Moon

The first step is pretty easy; you merely have to draw a full circle. And don’t overwhelm yourself with the fact that it has to be perfect. The moon itself has many imperfections that add to its charming magic. So, if your circle has a few indents, don’t worry.

Draw the Moon Pattern

Next, you should draw irregular patterns on the surface of your moon. You can take the continents as inspiration. And remember, there are no rules here. You can let your imagination run wild and draw whatever patterns come to your mind. That said, don’t overfill your moon with drawings. It’ll be best to leave small empty areas in between to resemble a real moon.

Color the Patterns

Now, it’s time to ditch your pencil and use another one with a different shade. For instance, if you’re using an HB pencil, use a 2B pencil for shading. This step will create depth in your drawing. However, you won’t color the entire picture. Instead, only shade the patterns you just drew.

To make your drawing more realistic, you should shade the areas around the moon’s edge with a darker color than the rest of the patterns.

Color the Moon

After coloring the patterns on the moon’s surface with a dark pencil, grab a light gray one and start coloring the moon itself. Remember, your coloring doesn’t have to be perfect. Your moon can be darker in places and lighter in others.

More so, remember to follow the moon’s curvature as you color. Don’t color in horizontal or vertical lines because doing so will make your moon look cartoonish.

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Create Texture

To add texture to your drawing, you should grab a darker pencil than all the ones you used and start spreading strokes around the moon. You don’t have to color entire areas using it; draw fine strokes spontaneously around the drawing till you feel satisfied with its appearance.

Add Final Touches

You can choose the final touches you prefer to finish your drawing. For instance, you can color the background around your moon black to enhance its appearance. Then, you can add decorative stars around it using a white pen.

To Wrap Up

Drawing is a fun hobby, and you can make it a family activity for both you and your kids. Give your kids the first tutorial to try, and you follow the second. Afterward, you can hang your drawings in your house to showcase your talents!

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