How to Draw a Lily of the Valley

There are huge types of flowers that types which drawings differ from one to another. The Lily of the Valley is a very special type of flower that is very special for its beautiful smell and well and white-shaped blossom that changes to red berries.

In this section, we will explore the steps that have to be followed to draw a lily of the valley as real as possible.

Step-by-Step Instructions for Drawing a Lily of the Valley

Step 1: Outlining the Plant

Outlining the Plant

In this section, we first start by sketching three flowers with very thin and curved lines in order to form the stem of the flower.

Each stem has to be drawn with a slight hook at the top very carefully and closely.

Step 2: Sketch the Flower

Sketch the Flower

In this stage, for each of the previously drawn stems, draw a number of circles that will later show where the flowers will go after. Connecting the flowers to the stem with very hooked and short lines is a very important part.

Along each stem draw enough circles to show where the bell-like flowers will go, and most necessarily attach the circles to the stems with very short, hooked lines.

Step 3:

shape at the bottom of each circle

At this part, draw more narrowly, spaced but also parallel lines which eventually extend from the opposite side of the stem as their shape has to be oval at the bottom of the drawn circle. Keep repeating the process by including another blossom at the tip of the original stem.

An oval shape at the bottom of each circle is a must, to have the intended shape.

To finalize this step, finish each of the drawn stems by drawing a second line attached to the first li

Step 4: Ruffed bells

Ruffed bells

Each of the drawn leaves of flowers should be added veins too. Give the flower bell edges and draw the bottom of each bell starting from the bottom. Also, extend each two more spaced lines from the stem of each flower.

The tiny, very shaped centers in the bell as a scalloped circle.

Step 5: Details, Shading, and Coloring

Details, Shading, and Coloring

These flowers are beautiful and common, but also of different shapes and types.

When it comes to shading the leaves of the lily of the valley, use a dark pen to darken the back leaf creating space between the stems of the flower.

Use shades of the tips, the centers, and the bottom of the other leaves of the flower using very thin and curved lines, also shade the slides and the tops of the bells with a short line

Also, try to fill any empty spot with an additional flower to create a shape that sounds like a real lily of the valley.

The blossoms of the lily of the valley are always white, but also they can be lit in a pinky white, while the leaves are colored green.

Step 6: Add More Details

Add More Details

Again, add more curved lines to the flower with more curved shapes which gives the picture depth.

Keep adding more branches, leaves, and details to the flower.

The sharpness of details in this type of drawing is very important because of the plurality of small lines, curves, and flowers.

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To wrap up:

For painters to draw the lily of the valley, following the steps and focusing on the details, the combination of multiple flowers under this one arrangement is unique which shows the beauty but also the significance of the lily of the valley flower as the steps show in this article.

Flowers are different so their drawing is too. The example of the lily of the valley is an illustration to draw a flower and to acquire the exact steps of this type of drawing.

Following the steps of the above-mentioned instructions on how to draw a lily of the valley carefully give you a description of how to draw it as closely as possible.

To add more, the flower symbolizes different things such as absolute youth, sincerity, and discretion. That is why the drawing of this type of flower is very meaningful and symbolic at the same time.

The rebirth, return of happiness, and innocence is other themes that this flower has made of it. The positive symbolization has enlarged the popularity of the flower for the good deeds that it brings.

Your Lily Of The Valley Drawing is Complete!

The first meaning of the lily of the valley is the end of winter and the beginning of spring. The May lily symbolizes warmth and joy. In fact, on May 1, people give a few sprigs of the flower to loved ones as a way to wish them happiness all year long.

The beauty, symbolism, and attached meanings of the flower made it a popular type despite its rareness.

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