How to Draw a Hand Holding Something

Drawing a hand holding something can be a bit tricky, especially since the steps involved differ depending on what the character is holding.

In this guide, we’ll show you how to draw a hand holding different items, so let’s get started right away!

How to Draw Hand Holding Pencil

To draw a hand holding a pencil, follow these steps:

  • Draw three shapes that represent the fingertips and the tip of the pencil
  • Draw a thumb while ensuring that the fingertip is a bit thinner than the thumb
  • Draw a K-shape over the thumb
  • Draw the top  of the pencil so that its length is 3x that of the thumb
  • Draw a finger from the line right over the K letter
  • Draw the wrist and the heel of the hand

How to Draw Hand Holding a Cell Phone

Here’s how you can easily draw a hand holding a cell phone:

  • Draw four lines with a slight angle to the right 
  • Draw a rectangle inside the lines
  • Join the corners from the outside with curved lines
  • Draw 2 lines and a circle (for the speaker and sensor of the phone)
  • Draw 3 ovals on the left (the phone’s buttons)
  • Draw a circle that represents the phone’s home button
  • Draw a guideline and 3 J shapes in different directions
  • Draw an upside-down question mark and a U shape to add the thumb
  • Draw the fingers by adding lines on the left
  • Draw a 7 shape right at the bottom of the phone, along with a line at the top and some curved lines
  • Draw mirrored J curves on the left-side fingers for the nails
  • Draw the thumbnail by adding 2 lines
  • Draw curved lines on the left-side fingers
  • Draw a mirrored question mark to finish the drawing, then erase the guidelines

Drawing a Hand Holding a Hand

Follow these steps to draw a hand holding another hand:

  • Draw an oval shape at the bottom; this will be the back ring finger
  • Draw the middle finger so that it’s slightly longer and touches the ring finger
  • Draw the pinky finger next to the ring finger on the right
  • Draw an oval shape on the left that represents the index finger
  • Draw the thumb next to the index finger
  • Draw a diagonal line from the wrist to the pinky finger
  • Draw 2 lines above the hand that represent the back of the other hand, then draw a curved line at the bottom
  • Draw the nails with uneven square shapes on the fingertips

Drawing a Hand Holding a Knife

To draw a hand holding a knife, follow these instructions:

  • Set the proportions of the hand and the outline of the fingers as if you’re drawing a hand with a glove
  • Draw the thumb by starting with its base; don’t worry about overlapping elements for now
  • Draw the knife
  • Erase the overlapping parts to finish the drawing

How to Draw a hand Holding a Shopping Bag

Here’s how you can draw a hand holding a shopping bag:

  • Add guidelines
  • Draw the base of the thumb and the palm
  • Draw the outline of all the fingers as if you’re drawing a glove
  • Draw the rest of the thumb
  • Draw the shopping bag
  • Divide the initial outline into individual fingers
  • Remove the guidelines 
  • Add details

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How to Draw a Hand Holding a Gun

Drawing a hand holding a gun is all about drawing the index finger away from the other ones. Here’s how to nail it:

  • Draw the outer shape of the hand
  • Draw the index finger separately
  • Draw the outline of the other fingers
  • Draw the gun in the hand
  • Draw each finger individually
  • Remove intersections and overlapping elements
  • Add details

Drawing a Hand Holding a Sword

To draw a hand holding a sword, you need to relax the grip a bit, as opposed to the earlier knife example where the grip was tight.

Here are the full steps:

  • Draw the outline of the hand
  • Draw the index finger separately to form the grip of the sword
  • Draw the outer shape of the other fingers combined
  • Start drawing the sword, then draw each individual finger
  • Remove any overlaps and clean up the drawing
  • Add details

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Final Thoughts

So these were some different ways to draw a hand holding different items.

Once you start drawing hands holding different stuff, the process should be easier later on, and you won’t need a new tutorial even if the item in the hand is changed. It’s all about adjusting the hand’s position and the tightness of the grip.

And remember, the easiest way to draw a hand is to draw a “glove shape” first, then add the details one by one.

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