Easy How to Draw a Castle Tutorial and Castle Coloring Page

It’s nearly impossible to gaze at a magnificent ancient castle and not fantasize about how wonderful it’d be to live there. However, you don’t have to stress yourself too much on that, as drawing a castle yourself would be one of the best ways to feed your imagination.

In this article, we’ll outline the steps to drawing a castle. Ready to learn? Let’s go!

Drawing a Castle

The castle drawing approaches that we’ll be describing here are as follows:

  • The typical castle
  • The cartoon castle

You’ll need a few materials for both ways, namely:

  • Ruler
  • Light pencil
  • Pen or dark pencil

The Typical Castle

You may not see yourself as a good artist, but that doesn’t stop you from drawing a beautiful castle. Below are the steps to draw a typical one:

Step 1

Begin by drawing a huge, central horizontal rectangle. Then, create a thin, somewhat taller rectangle on either border of the middle rectangle.

Next, create two more rectangles on top of the first, getting smaller as you travel up the page. It may appear not very easy at first, but everything becomes a lot clearer after you view any reference image!

Step 2

Build some turrets for your fortress in this step of your castle drawing. It’s recommended that you use your pencil for this stage. To make the turrets, draw a triangle shape on top of the two exterior rectangles.

Then, add another one in the middle with your pencil and ruler. Finally, carefully delete the triangles’ tips and replace them with a rounded tip.

Step 3

Add some window frames to the mix. These windows will be flat just at the bottom, tall, and curved roundly at the top, giving them a distinct appearance.

You can customize the windows’ positioning by introducing or minimizing them to a few. And if you would like a symmetrical castle, make sure the amount of windows on every side of the castle is equal.

Step 4

Start tracing over the pencil lines using a pen. To create the ground, begin by drawing the line at the bottom of the castle. After that, use your pen to trace any pencil lines thoroughly.

The head of the rectangle should have a square, nearly zigzagged line that you can construct with your ruler. It’s a little tricky and comprehensive, but if you give it your best shot, you’ll be able to complete it with flying colors!

Step 5

You’ll be sketching some brickwork designs on your castle walls, and your ruler will come in handy once again. Begin by creating vertical lines along the castle’s walls, keeping them as near together as possible.

You don’t have to keep the spacing between them even; this will help your castle look more homemade. Next, to create the brick patterns, put several small vertical lines between the horizontal ones.

Feel free to add some final features to the turrets and entryway of the castle and add foliage to the sides to complete your castle drawing.

Step 6

Now that you’ve put in a lot of effort on your castle drawing and meticulously drawn the last features, you may unwind with some lovely colors in this phase.

You can pick a muted blend of browns and blues, but you need to let your imagination go wild with your color selections. The color selection is only one aspect of the process; you may also experiment with various art mediums to bring your image to life.

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The Cartoon Castle

If the typical castle seems too hard for you, or you probably want something for your kids, here’s an alternative.

Step 1

Start by drawing three straight lines that intersect at right angles to make a square without a bottom. This structure will define the castle’s front.

Inside the open square, draw a curving line. Next, draw straight lines downwards from the curve and use short, curved lines to link them to the square’s sides. This is the outline for the castle’s doorway.

Step 2

Extend the square’s sides with horizontal straight lines. Draw a straight line down from each preceding line, then use a curved line to encompass the form. You’ve just built towers by extending the castle walls.

Broaden each tower’s top line, then draw a vertical line upwards. Use short, clean lines to create a concave and convex square shape on the pinnacle of the castle wall.

Step 3

You’ll now design a similar but broader structure on the castle’s front. First, on each side, elongate the upper line of the castle front and create short, straight upward lines. Then, to build the upper wall, construct a pattern of concave and convex rectangles using short, straight lines.

Within the archway of the entrance, draw a tiny archway and use short, straight lines to link it to the front of the castle. Then, on one side of the castle, create a taller rectangle shape than the others.

Step 4

Each prior shape should have an upper wall drawn on it. Extend each shape’s upper line, then create a concave and convex rectangle pattern with short, straight lines. To represent wood planks, draw vertical lines over the arched entryway.

Step 5

Establish your castle on a firm foundation. To show the horizon, extend softly curving lines from the castle’s edges. Next, construct two straight lines from the castle’s gate that progressively diverge. This creates a road or route leading to the castle gate.

Add straight lines along the road and grassland patches of small, curving lines over the ground.

And don’t forget to make your castle colorful. For instance, make it brown or gray for realism, or use your favorite colors.

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To sum it up, drawing castles is a beautiful way to fantasize about your dreams of living in one, and it builds your artistic skills, which is great for self-development.

You can practice the art of drawing this masterpiece using the typical cartoon castle. Either way, you’ll produce great results!

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