How to Draw a Cartoon Dog – Step-by-Step Drawing Tutorial for a Cute Dog

It’s time to draw a beautiful cartoon dog! Let’s use this simple step-by-step guide to learn how to draw a dog together. easy, quick, and enjoyable!

Who doesn’t like dogs? There are many people who have dogs either in their gardens or in their homes. So, I think the time has come to know how to draw a cute cartoon dog!

It’s not necessary for your drawing to be an exact replica of this one. So don’t stress about making this a perfect copy, just take it casually. Whatever you draw your first time will be fine, in the end, it’s only a cartoon!

How to Draw a Cartoon Dog – Step by Step Directed Drawing

Before going into details, make sure you have the following materials:

  • Pencil
  • Paper
  • Eraser
  • Coloring supplies

Estimated time: 20-30 minutes.

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Step 1: Draw the Head and Torso

Draw the Head and Torso

Create an extended torso by first drawing a circle, then adding a smooth line to it.

Step 2: Add the eyes and nose.

Add the eyes and nose

For the eyes, make two broad ovals. On the side of the head, draw the broad nose.

Step 3: Sketch out the front of the face.

Sketch out the front of the face

Draw the upper and lower jaws with sweeping strokes.

Step 4: Depict the ears.

Depict the ears

Draw two big, dangling ears on either side of the head.

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Step 5: Draw the front paws.

Draw the front paws

Draw two front paws in the same alignment as in the example, using smooth lines.

Step 6: Add the hind paws.

Add the hind paws

Round paws are on the back legs.

Step 7: Sketch out the tail and toes.

Sketch out the tail and toes

Draw curved lines for the tail. For the toes on each paw, add little strokes.

Step 8: Correct inaccuracies.

Correct inaccuracies

Any superfluous lines in the drawing can be removed with the eraser.

Step 9: Color the sitting cartoon dog.

Color the sitting cartoon dog

Choose gray for the nose, black for the eyes, and brown for the fur. Give the eyes some highlights.

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There you have it, then! A lovely and amiable cartoon dog can be created in only eight simple steps. To give your artwork a more polished appearance, you can select your favorite color. This lesson has ended. Now, you know how to draw a cartoon dog that will appeal to your audience’s senses of cuteness, humor, and intrigue.

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