How to Draw a Bunny: The Complete Guide

Drawing is an enjoyable hobby for kids, and it gives parents a few moments of peace as the little ones scribble on paper. Because all kids love bunnies, we’ve prepared two easy tutorials to help you teach your kids how to draw a bunny. So, without further ado, let’s jump in!

How to Draw a Regular Bunny

The first tutorial will tell you how to draw a cute, regular bunny. You’ll only need a pencil, eraser, and paper for this drawing. Here are the steps you should follow.

Draw the Bunny’s Head and Body

Draw the Bunny’s Head and Body

The first step is the easiest one. All you have to do is draw a circle that’s a bit wider at the bottom to resemble the bunny’s face. Next, to draw the bunny’s body, draw a slightly irregular circular shape right under the head, but don’t let them touch.

Then, connect the body and the head by drawing some curved lines that look like fur. Finally, erase the upper curve of the bunny’s body that intercepts the fur you just drew. Now, your bunny should have a head, body, and some hairs on its chest.

Add the Ears

After drawing the head, add two ears on top by extending two long and narrow curved lines from the head and enclosing them.

Draw the Legs and Tail

Draw the Legs and Tail

Next, draw a half-rounded shape under the bunny’s body to resemble its foot, and extend a broad curved line across the body for the right leg. As for the left foot, you can draw another half-rounded shape under the left part of the bunny’s body. Finally, add a fluffy tail by drawing three curved lines and connecting them to the bunny’s body.

Add Face Details

Add Face Details

The last step here is adding some face details to your bunny. Begin with the ears and draw two smaller ears within them. Then, add two small circles for the eyes and another one for the nose.

Draw a small line right under the nose that leads to the mouth. For the mouth, draw two lines that curve upwards and ensure that the nose line lies right between them. Next, add two teeth by drawing two rectangles under the mouth. Finally, draw two whiskers on each side of the bunny’s face.

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How to Draw the Easter Bunny

Now that you’ve learned how to draw a regular bunny, it’s time to learn how to draw an upgraded version of it, the Easter bunny. But don’t worry; it’s equally easy and takes no time.

Draw the Head and Ears

First, draw a round shape that’s wider at the bottom, and add a small curved line in the middle of the bottom part to resemble a chin. Next, add two long and narrow curves on top of the head for the ears. Finally, draw another two ears within your original ones to add depth to your drawing.

Note that you can use jagged lines while drawing to make your bunny look fluffier. But if it’s too challenging for your child, you can settle with straight lines.

Add the Face Details and Arms

In the second step, you’ll add some face details to your drawing to make the bunny look real. First, add the eyes by drawing two horizontal ovals in the upper part of the face. Then, draw a little line curving downwards under each eye.

Next, draw a circular shape in the middle of the face for the nose. Extend two curved lines from the nose toward the right and the left. Then, draw half a circle that closes at the lines you just drew. Add two rectangular shapes under the curved lines, and voila!

Now your bunny has a mouth, nose, eyes, and teeth. Next, add two whiskers on each side of the bunny’s face. Finally, for the arms, draw two long curved shapes, and add a line that curves downwards between them to resemble the upper part of the Easter egg.

Complete the Easter Egg

In this step, you’ll draw an Easter egg and make it look like the bunny is holding it. First, draw the bottom part of the egg to look like it completes the upper part you drew in the previous step. After completing the egg, you can decorate it with tiny patterns and cute doodles.

Draw the Legs

Start by drawing two curved shapes that extend from under the arms till they nearly touch the egg. Then, add two long feet by drawing narrower curves, and join them to the legs. Finally, you can add some toes by drawing half-circles at the end of each foot and enclose the feet from below by connecting them to the egg.

Color Your Drawing

Since Easter is all about bright colors and eggs, you can add some colors to your drawing to spice it up. Note that you should leave the bunny white and only paint the egg and the face details.

To Wrap Up

Drawing is an easy hobby that you can encourage your kids to practice with a few enjoyable drawings. For instance, you can draw a cute bunny holding an egg if Easter is coming up. Alternatively, you can draw a simple bunny with dot eyes and long ears. No matter which tutorial you choose, you’ll have fun and quality time with your children.

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