30 Simple and Easy Drawing Ideas For Beginners!

Expressing thoughts on paper in an artistic way is a talent that few people have. But like any other hobby, practice makes perfect. So, if you want to liven up your sketchbook with some drawings, here’s the inspiration you need. We’ve made a list of 30 easy drawing ideas that’ll put you on the right track toward the artists’ hall of fame. 

Now, grab your pencil and jump in!

1. Flowers


Drawing flowers is an ideal start for beginners. They’re pretty straightforward and have many shapes that you can try. So, for example, you can begin with a tulip and finish with a beautiful rose.

2. Patterned Leaves

Patterned Leaves

Leaves have endless shapes and colors, and you can use this to your advantage and practice your drawing skills. You can start with a simple shape, then draw small patterns to give your leaf an artistic touch. Next, you can recreate it using various designs.

3. Clouds


Clouds have no definite shape; you can look at one and see a crocodile while your friend sees a koala bear. This point gives you unlimited cloud drawing ideas that you can try out, so try sketching different clouds and see what turns out.

4. Favorite Season

Favorite Season

Is your favorite season the summer? If so, draw a bright blue sea with some waves and a clear sky. But if it’s autumn, sketch some falling leaves and tall trees.

5. Dream Home

Dream Home

Drawing objects from your imagination will improve your creativity and give you unlimited ideas to try out on paper. Take this idea, for example. You can imagine what your dream home looks like and try sketching it.

6. One-Line Portrait

One-Line Portrait

Do you want to follow in the footsteps of Pablo Picasso and master one-line drawings? If so, you can begin with a simple portrait. Don’t get your expectations up because the picture might not turn out as realistic as you’d think. Nevertheless, this simple idea will help you try your hands at drawing.

7. Fruits


If you want a simple drawing idea that doesn’t include using your imagination, you can grab an apple out of your fridge and draw it. This way, you’ll fill up your sketchbook with colorful drawings and improve your skills.

8. Pair of Shoes

Pair of Shoes

You don’t have to start with complex and artistic sketches to practice drawing. You can begin with an idea as simple as drawing a pair of shoes. And after finishing the outline, you can use your creativity and sketch different patterns on each shoe.

9. Dream Car

Dream Car

Whether you dream about driving the Batmobile or James Bond’s Aston Martin, you can express your hopes on paper and draw an attractive vehicle. You don’t have to stick to a specific outline; instead, you can let your imagination run wild and draw an out-of-this-world car.

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10. Favorite Mug

Favorite Mug

Trying to draw from memory might be overwhelming at first, so you don’t need to do so. If you’re out of ideas, you can grab your favorite mug from the kitchen and sketch it. It’s pretty easy, will look beautiful on paper, and won’t take much time to finish.

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11. Window

Do you spend hours looking outside the window and marveling at God’s creations? If so, it’s time to put your thoughts on paper. Whether you want to draw a simple window from your house or want to add scenery behind it, it’ll be an excellent beginning to your drawing journey.

12. Jewelry

If you’re a jewelry enthusiast, you can get your collection out and lay it in front of you in an artsy fashion. Then, grab your sketchbook and pencil and start drawing. No matter what you end up with, it’ll be good practice for your skills.

13. Clocks

Now, we don’t mean the regular clocks we can see in any household. Instead, you can test your creativity and draw abstract clocks, like the ones in Alice in Wonderland. This way, you’ll practice depicting objects on paper in an imaginative way.

14. Chairs

Chairs are pretty simple drawings, and they come in various shapes. So you can either scroll the internet for an easy photo to draw or choose a chair from your house and start sketching.

15. Your Pet

Whether you own a cat or a fish, you can use it as inspiration for your next drawing. This might be challenging at first, especially if your pet is restless and won’t sit for a couple of hours. However, it’ll be good practice for your patience and drawing skills.

16. Faces

To master drawing, you need to try your hand at many shapes and forms of art. You can begin by drawing multiple faces, each with a different outline. For instance, you can draw a heart-shaped face, a diamond face, an oval face, etc.

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17. Bottles

Bottles have an easy outline that you can ace in no time. If you have a collection of empty bottles in your house, you can lay it out in front of you and draw it. If you don’t, you can get a photo from the internet and try following it closely.

18. Eyes

Eyes have a unique charm that would look marvelous on paper. And like the faces’ idea, you can try many shapes to improve your skills.

19. Doodles

You don’t have to overwhelm yourself with a complicated idea. Instead, hold the pencil and draw whatever small details come to your mind. By the time you’re finished, your sketchbook will be filled with beautiful, expressive doodles.

20. Fish

Don’t we all love Finding Nemo? You can take the Disney movie as inspiration for your next drawing and draw a fish. You can either mimic one that’s already in the movie or use your wild imagination to draw another fish.

21. Fashion Art

With all the red carpet events around us, you can try your hand at sketching some dresses or outfits. For example, you can try drawing some clothes out of your closet or design some of your own.

22. Mandala

Mandalas are aesthetically pleasing. While we can’t promise that drawing a mandala won’t be challenging, it’ll improve your skills and give you a chance to practice patterns. More so, after you finish, you can color it.

23. Hand-Lettering

Whether you use it to design your own logo or write your name artistically, you can practice hand-lettering. Ideally, you should begin with an easy letter and try to depict it creatively.

24. Koi Fish

Koi fish doodles are among the most effortless drawings you can practice. They have artistic appearances, and they’ll look beautiful in your sketchbook.

25. Christmas

Everybody loves Christmas, and it has timeless symbols that you can draw in your free time. For instance, you can draw a simple snowman with minimal face details or a joyful-looking wreath.

26. Personal Collections

Some people collect postcards, while some collect seashells. If you want to practice drawing, you can get your personal collection out and start doodling it.

27. Ocean Scene

If you want to grace your sketchbook with a big drawing, you can try sketching an ocean scene. For instance, you can draw fish, coral reefs, and a giant whale swimming around.

28. Monster From a Drop of Ink

We know the idea seems weird, but try dropping ink on your paper and waiting for it to dry. Then, imagine the drop is a monster’s body and add legs, arms, and antennae to breathe life into your monster.

29. Trees

If you often take outside strolls, you can take a picture of any trees you see. Then, after you go home, try depicting them in different artistic forms on paper.

30. Self-Portrait

We’ll end our list with an exciting idea, drawing a self-portrait. Of course, you might not breed a Frida Kahlo-worthy result. But focusing on your features and trying to capture your essence through a drawing will be a fun experience.

To Wrap Up

Drawing might be challenging to master, but a few inspirational ideas can get you on the right track. So choose your favorite sketch from our list, and start working!

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