50 Cute and Easy Doodle Ideas To Draw When Bored

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I wanted to create another blog post for small, quick doodles anyone can draw whenever they are bored and want something fun to do! Drawing is a great way to relax and get your mind off any worries or stress you might have.

I’ve always found that doodling is not just about filling up the pages with drawings; it’s about letting your creativity flow, enjoying the simplicity of sketching, and sometimes even discovering a little more about yourself through the strokes of your pen.

I hope you have fun doodling these drawings! I tried to make them as simple as possible 🙂 so whether you’re a seasoned artist or just picking up a pen for the first time, you’ll find something here to enjoy.

Now, let’s get to the drawings!

In this post, I will cover:

50 Cute Doodle Ideas to Draw

Cute and Easy Doodles

1. Flowers Doodle: A simple and charming doodle of a flower

Flowers Doodle

Flowers are a timeless subject for doodles and perfect for beginners. You can start with basic shapes like circles for daisies or hearts for the petals of a rose. Whether it’s a simple sunflower or an intricate lily, each flower has its unique charm, making it a delightful doodling choice.

2. Animals Doodle: An easy-to-draw and cute cat doodle

Animals Doodle

Who doesn’t love sketching cute animals? From the domestic bliss of cats and dogs to the wild allure of foxes and pandas, animal doodles can be as simple or as detailed as you like. Try capturing the essence of each animal with minimal lines for a charming effect.

3. Insects Doodle: A basic, adorable butterfly doodle

Insects Doodle

Insects might seem like an unusual choice, but their varied forms and patterns make them fascinating doodling subjects. Butterflies with their symmetrical wings, bees with their fuzzy bodies, or even the humble ladybug can add an interesting twist to your doodle collection.

4. Birds Doodle: A straightforward and delightful bird doodle

Birds Doodle

Birds, with their diverse shapes and sizes, are another excellent choice for doodling. A simple sparrow can be brought to life with just a few strokes, while a more colorful peacock can offer a chance to play with patterns and colors.

5. Aquatic Life Doodle: A simple and cute fish doodle

Aquatic Life Doodle

Dive into the aquatic world with doodles of fish, turtles, dolphins, crabs, and seahorses. These creatures offer an array of interesting shapes and designs, perfect for exploring different doodling styles, from realistic to cartoonish.

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6. Food Items Doodle: A simple doodle of a pizza

Food Items Doodle

Food doodles are not only fun but can also be mouthwateringly attractive. Sketch your favorite snacks like pizzas, burgers, or fruits. These doodles can range from simple outlines to detailed sketches with shading and texture.

7. Sweet Treats Doodle: An easy-to-draw ice cream cone

Sweet Treats Doodle

Indulge your sweet tooth with doodles of donuts, candies, and cookies. These items offer an opportunity to experiment with various shapes and decorative details like sprinkles and icing.

8. Beverages Doodle: A straightforward coffee cup doodle

Beverages Doodle

Doodle your favorite drinks, from steaming coffee cups to refreshing cocktails. These can be quick sketches or more detailed drawings with emphasis on the texture of the liquid or the design of the glassware.

9. Fantasy Creatures Doodle: A basic unicorn doodle

Fantasy Creatures Doodle

Let your imagination run wild by doodling fantasy creatures like unicorns, dragons, and fairies. These allow for creative freedom, as you can add your unique touches like magical patterns or whimsical colors.

10. Celestial Objects Doodle: A simple star doodle

Celestial Objects Doodle

Space and celestial bodies provide endless inspiration. Doodle stars, moons, planets, and comets to add a cosmic touch to your artwork. Play with sizes and placements to create a mini-universe on your page.

Simple and Fun Doodles

11. Faces and Emotions: A simple doodle of a smiley face

Faces and Emotions

Express yourself through doodles of faces showing different emotions. These can be as simple as a few lines and circles, yet they effectively convey feelings like happiness, surprise, or contemplation, adding a personal touch to your doodle diary.

12. Weather Icons: An easy-to-draw sun

Weather Icons

Whether it’s the warmth of a simple sun or the elegance of a snowflake, weather icons are straightforward yet enjoyable to doodle. They can be used to depict your mood or the weather outside, adding a functional aspect to your doodles.

13. Geometric Shapes: A basic triangle doodle

Geometric Shapes

Geometric shapes are the foundation of many complex drawings but can be fascinating subjects on their own. Experiment with circles, triangles, and squares, arranging them in patterns or combining them to form abstract art.

14. Patterns: A polka dot pattern, straightforward and fun


Patterns are exceptionally meditative and satisfying to create. From basic stripes and polka dots to more intricate chevrons and paisleys, they can fill pages or be used as background elements in your doodles.

15. Nature Elements: A simple tree doodle

Nature Elements

Drawing elements from nature like leaves, trees, and mountains can be a serene activity. These doodles can be stylized or realistic and are great for practicing different textures and shadings.

Easy Doodles to Draw for Everyone

16. Household Items: A straightforward doodle of a lamp

Household Items

Everyday objects around the house, like a lamp or a book, are great subjects for quick doodles. They help you practice perspective and can be a charming addition to your sketch collection.

17. Stationery Doodle: An easy-to-draw pencil

Stationery Doodle

Given their familiarity and simple shapes, stationery items like pencils and erasers are perfect for quick doodling sessions. They are excellent for beginners and can be drawn in a whimsical or realistic style.

18. Clothing Items Doodle: A basic hat doodle

Clothing Items Doodle

Doodling clothing items allow you to play with different fabrics and patterns. Hats, shoes, and glasses can be drawn in various styles, from simple outlines to detailed sketches with textures.

19. Transportation Doodle: A simple car doodle

Transportation Doodle

Cars, bicycles, and other modes of transportation can be fun to doodle, offering the chance to experiment with proportions and perspectives. These doodles can range from cartoon-like simplicity to more detailed illustrations.

20. Musical Instruments Doodle: An uncomplicated guitar doodle

Musical Instruments Doodle

Whether you’re a music lover or not, drawing musical instruments like guitars and pianos can be a fulfilling challenge. They offer a mix of simple and complex shapes and are great for practicing shading and detailing.

Creative Doodle Ideas

21. Abstract Designs Doodle: A straightforward abstract design

Abstract Designs Doodle

Unleash your creativity with abstract doodles. These can be as simple as a series of lines and shapes or as complex as intricate designs that fill the entire page, allowing your imagination to guide your pen.

22. Mandalas Doodle: A basic mandala, easy for kids to replicate

Mandalas Doodle

Creating mandalas can be a deeply relaxing and rewarding experience. Start with a simple central point and expand outwards with symmetrical patterns. Each mandala is unique and reflects the mood and creativity of the artist.

23. Cartoon Characters Doodle: A simple cartoon cat

Cartoon Characters Doodle

Bring out your inner animator by doodling cartoon characters. These can be animals, people, or even inanimate objects brought to life with expressive faces and dynamic poses.

24. Landscapes Doodle: A basic hill landscape

Landscapes Doodle

Drawing landscapes allows you to capture the beauty of the natural world. From a tranquil beach scene to a bustling cityscape, landscapes can be as straightforward or as intricate as you like.

25. Cultural Symbols Doodle: A doodle of a peace sign

Cultural Symbols Doodle

Exploring different cultures through their symbols and icons can be both educational and artistic. Doodle peace signs, hearts, traditional motifs, and other cultural symbols add diversity and meaning to your artwork.

Seasonal Doodle Ideas

26. Spring Doodle: A simple flower, representing the blossoming of spring

Spring Doodle

Celebrate the season of renewal with doodles of blooming flowers, butterflies, and chirping birds. Spring scenes can be vibrant and full of life, perfect for experimenting with colors and organic shapes.

27. Summer Doodle: An easy-to-draw sun, symbolizing the warmth of summer

Summer Doodle

Capture the essence of summer with doodles of sun-soaked beaches, palm trees, ice cream cones, and sunglasses. These doodles can be playful and whimsical, embodying the carefree spirit of the season.

28. Autumn Doodle: A basic leaf doodle, capturing the essence of autumn

Autumn Doodle

Autumn brings a palette of warm colors and themes. Doodles of falling leaves, pumpkins, cozy scarves, and steaming cups of coffee can create a sense of warmth and nostalgia.

29. Winter Doodle: A snowflake doodle, representing the chill and beauty of winter

Winter Doodle

Embrace the chill of winter with doodles of snowflakes, snowmen, pine trees, and cozy fireplaces. These can range from simple geometric designs to more detailed, picturesque winter landscapes.

30. Holidays Doodle: A Christmas tree, symbolizes the festive holiday season

Holidays Doodle

Holidays offer a wealth of inspiration for doodling, from Christmas trees and Halloween ghosts to Valentine’s hearts and Easter eggs. Each holiday comes with its unique symbols and themes, perfect for seasonal doodling.

Personal Interest Doodles

31. Sports Doodle: A straightforward soccer ball, representing sports

Sports Doodle

For sports enthusiasts, doodling various sports equipment like soccer balls, basketballs, and skateboards can be both fun and expressive. These doodles can also include action scenes or iconic sports moments.

32. Music Doodle: An easy-to-draw musical note, symbolizing music

Music Doodle

Music-inspired doodles can range from simple musical notes to intricate drawings of instruments like guitars and pianos. They can be a tribute to your favorite music or a representation of your musical mood.

33. Reading and Writing Doodle: A simple open book, representing reading and writing

Reading and Writing Doodle

Book lovers can enjoy doodling open books, stacks of books, or even scenes inspired by their favorite stories. These doodles can also include classic writing tools like quills and typewriters.

34. Art and Craft Doodle: A basic paintbrush, symbolizing art and craft

Art and Craft Doodle

For those who love arts and crafts, doodling items like paintbrushes, palettes, and cameras can be deeply satisfying. These doodles can be detailed, showcasing the tools of various crafts.

35. Technology Doodle: A doodle of a smartphone, representing technology

Technology Doodle

Doodle the modern world with sketches of smartphones, laptops, and other gadgets. These doodles can be sleek and modern or given a whimsical twist with cartoon-like features.

Doodles for Relaxation

36. Yoga and Meditation Doodle: A doodle of a yoga pose, representing the tranquility of yoga and meditation

Yoga and Meditation Doodle

Create a sense of peace and calm by doodling yoga poses, lotus flowers, and serene meditation scenes. These doodles can help foster a tranquil mindset and are perfect for unwinding.

37. Spa and Wellness Doodle: An easy-to-draw candle, symbolizing the soothing atmosphere of a spa

Spa and Wellness Doodle

Sketch soothing spa scenes with candles, bath bombs, and lotions. These doodles can be a reminder to take time for self-care and relaxation.

38. Nature Escapes Doodle: A simple mountain landscape, capturing the serenity of nature escapes

Nature Escapes Doodle

Escape to nature with doodles of waterfalls, lakes, and forest cabins. These scenes can transport you to a place of tranquility and offer a delightful retreat from the hustle of daily life.

39. Mindful Patterns Doodle: A repetitive pattern, ideal for mindful drawing and relaxation

Mindful Patterns Doodle

Drawing repetitive and mindful patterns like labyrinths and mandalas can be a meditative practice. These doodles help focus the mind and are perfect for moments of introspection.

40. Cozy Settings Doodle: A cozy armchair doodle, representing comfortable and relaxing settings

Cozy Settings Doodle

Doodle the comfort of cozy settings like reading nooks, coffee corners, and warm fireplaces. These sketches can evoke feelings of warmth and contentment, ideal for relaxing doodle sessions.

Doodle Art for Creativity

41. Surreal Scenes Doodle: A doodle representing a surrealistic environment, sparking imagination

Surreal Scenes Doodle

Let your imagination soar with doodles of dreamlike landscapes and whimsical elements. These can be abstract or based on real scenes but with a surreal twist.

42. Pop Art Doodle: An easy-to-draw pop art style image, reflecting the vibrant nature of this art form

Pop Art Doodle

Embrace the vibrant and bold world of pop art. Doodle famous scenes or create your own using bright colors, stark contrasts, and fun, comic-style elements.

43. Street Art Doodle: A simple graffiti tag, capturing the essence of street art

Street Art Doodle

Draw inspiration from the urban landscape with street art-style doodles. Think graffiti, stencil art, and bold lettering, all of which make for dynamic and expressive sketches.

44. Cultural Art Doodle: A traditional cultural symbol, representing cultural art

Cultural Art Doodle

Explore the rich tapestry of world cultures through doodles. Traditional patterns, folklore characters, and historical scenes can be both beautiful and educational.

45. Modern Art Doodle: A minimalist art piece, symbolizing modern art

Modern Art Doodle

Experiment with minimalist and contemporary designs in your doodles. Play with abstract forms, unconventional layouts, and a mix of traditional and modern art elements.

Unique and Interesting Doodles

46. Steampunk Designs Doodle: A doodle of steampunk gear, capturing the essence of steampunk designs

Steampunk Designs Doodle

Dive into the imaginative world of steampunk with doodles featuring gears, Victorian elements, and fantasy machines. These can be intricate and offer a chance to work on detailed, mechanical designs.

47. Sci-Fi Themes Doodle: An easy-to-draw spaceship, representing the exciting world of science fiction

Sci-Fi Themes Doodle

For fans of science fiction, doodling spacecraft, futuristic cities, and alien landscapes can be an exciting way to express your love for the genre. These doodles can range from simple icons to complex scenes.

48. Mythical Creatures Doodle: A simple unicorn doodle, symbolizing the magic of mythical creatures

Mythical Creatures Doodle

Bring myths to life with doodles of phoenixes, griffins, centaurs, and other mythical creatures. These allow for creative freedom in design and interpretation.

49. Historical Scenes Doodle: A basic pyramid, representing historical scenes and ancient civilizations

Historical Scenes Doodle

Capture moments from the past with doodles of ancient civilizations, famous battles, and historical landmarks. These can be stylized or as accurate as you like.

50. Unique and Whimsical Designs Doodle: A whimsical tree, illustrating the charm of unique and imaginative designs

Unique and Whimsical Designs Doodle

Finally, don’t be afraid to create something unique. Doodle whatever comes to mind, be it whimsical patterns, abstract designs, or anything that sparks your creativity.

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