Cute Animal Drawings: How to Draw Cute Animals

Everyone likes cute animals, and anyone who claims otherwise is probably lying! Cute animals exist in a variety of shapes and sizes, and everyone has their own personal favorite.

If you, like the majority of people, enjoy cute animals, you’ll enjoy this tutorial!

We’ve included not one, not two, but three adorable creatures in one drawing guide for you to enjoy! At the end of this guide, you’ll find a cute turtle, bunny, and pony, so keep reading!

In no time, you’ll be meeting your lovely animal buddies thanks to this step-by-step lesson on how to draw charming animals.

How to Draw Cute Animals – Step by Step

Step 1

As previously stated, we will be drawing three cute creatures in this tutorial on how to draw cute animals.
We’ll start with the turtle because he’ll be in front of the others.
To make his little head, all you have to do is draw a line going up that curves and rounds to the left.
After you’ve completed that, we’ll move on to drawing his body in the next stage.

Step 2

We can start creating the shell for this area of your cute animal drawing now that you have the outline of the head started.
Draw a curving line moving left from near the top of the head to make the top of the shell.
Then, near the end of this line, there will be a little tail. Finally, add more detail to your animal design by painting a thin line behind the chin.

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Step 3

To make the shell’s neck hole, first, draw a line across the bottom of the neck and then a thin oval around it.
Then, to make the shell’s rim, draw several wavy lines horizontally.
Because this turtle has stubby little legs, you can make the legs out of flat circle-like shapes, then add three small circles to the bottom of each for the claws.

Step 4

Let’s put the turtle’s final elements aside for now and focus on the pony. This is a step where you should absolutely refer to the reference image for assistance.
In this step of your cute animal drawing, don’t be scared to go slowly. The pony will be standing behind the turtle, pointing left.
Draw the pony’s mane with care, being careful to keep the ear pointed out. Drawing with a pencil first might be beneficial in getting the layering to look right!
You can always go over it with your pen once you’re satisfied.

After you’ve drawn in the mane, draw in the facial shape and some straight lines for the legs coming from the face.

Step 5

The charming bunny will be added in this phase of our guide on how to draw cute animals! You can draw the bunny’s head right on top of the turtle’s shell.
It will have around, round base, but the ears can be made out of two curved lines at the top. The bunny’s neck and paws can then be drawn with simple lines.

Step 6

For the adorable trio in our cute animal design, we drew a basic grassy base. This effect can be achieved by combining straight lines for the ground and irregular lines for the grass.
This is also the stage when you can add some details and your own background! Maybe these animal companions are in a mysterious woodland or a lovely garden.
What kind of settings do you think these cuties would look good in?

Step 7

These cute animals are almost finished, and only a few more details are needed before they can be colored! The most important thing to include is some facial details.

Use rounder circles or ovals with a smaller circle within them to make eyes for them.

Then, using a curved line on each face, give each animal buddy a smiling mouth.

Don’t forget to finish it off with some finishing touches like circles on the turtle’s shell and lines in the pony’s hair!

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Step 8 – Now finish off your cute animal drawing with some color

Now that you’ve created all three of your animal friends, it’s time to add some color!

We showed you how we would color ours, but for this part of the how-to-draw cute animals tutorial, you should let your imagination run wild and choose any colors you like!

Will you choose muted, realistic colors or brilliant, stunning materials like acrylic paints, colored pens, and markers?

It’s all up to you now, and I’m confident that anything you choose will be gorgeous and lovely!

35 Cute & Easy Animal Drawing Ideas

Here’s a list of 35 adorable and simple animal drawings to try in your sketchbook next!

Animals were one of my favorite topics to draw when I initially started learning to improve my drawing skills.

That’s why I wanted to compile this list for other animal and wildlife enthusiasts!

1. Fox


2. Cow


3. Seal


4. Raccoon


5. Owl


6. Sheep


7. Hippo


8. Rabbit


9. Bee


10. Lion


11. Rat


12. Narwhal


13. Bear


14. Cat


15. Giraffe


16. Tortoise


17. Dog


18. Horse


19. Luna Moth

Luna Moth

20. Squirrel


21. Penguin


22. Elephant


23. Hamster


24. Rhinoceros


25. Koala


26. Ladybug


27. Deer


28. Goose


29. Killer Whale

Killer Whale

30. Panda


31. Pig


32. Monkey


33. Camel


34. Hedgehog


35. Hummingbird


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