50 Cool Things to Draw, Easy, Fun & Cute Things for Drawing

Ah, the blank canvas! It’s both an exciting frontier and a slightly intimidating challenge. But fear not, whether you’re a seasoned artist seeking fresh inspiration or a budding Picasso taking your first steps with a pencil, this list is your treasure trove. Drawing is more than just a skill—it’s a journey into your imagination, a way to translate your thoughts and dreams onto paper.

Have you ever gazed out of the window and imagined sketching the whimsical clouds? Or doodled in the margins of your notebook, wishing you had more ideas to fill the page? We’ve all been there.

That’s why I’ve put together a vibrant mix of 50 cool, easy, and undeniably fun drawing ideas to spark your creativity. From the tranquility of nature scenes to the wild realms of fantasy creatures, this list has a little something for every mood and moment.

So, grab your favorite drawing tools, find a cozy spot, and let’s embark on an artistic adventure together.

Each idea comes with its little twist and a hint on how to bring it to life. And remember, in the world of art, there are no mistakes, just unique creations waiting to be discovered.

Let’s unleash the power of your imagination and fill those blank pages with wonders!

Essential Materials

Before we begin, it’s crucial to equip yourself with the right tools. The basics include:

  • Graphite Pencils: A range of pencils from hard (H) to soft (B) will allow for a variety of lines and shades. Start with HB and 2B pencils for sketching and detailing.
  • Drawing Paper: Opt for a medium-textured paper, which is ideal for both sketching and shading.
  • Erasers: A kneaded eraser is excellent for lightening lines or creating highlights, while a standard eraser can remove unwanted marks.

For those looking to take their drawings to the next level, consider these additional tools:

  • Shading Tools: Blending stumps or tortillons are great for smoothing out pencil strokes and creating gradients.
  • Colored Pencils: High-quality colored pencils can bring your baby’s drawings to life with realistic skin tones and textures.
  • Fine Liners: For adding crisp, refined lines, especially in facial features or tiny details.

50 Easy Things to Draw

1. Koi Fish

Koi Fish

If you want a rather simple drawing idea that looks complex, a koi fish doodle will do the trick. Don’t worry; we’ll keep your secret! Also, Koi fish are super artistic and have a minimal color palette.

2. Kawaii Foods

Kawaii Foods

Kawaii food doodles are possibly the most adorable drawing ideas, especially when you add their big eyes and cute smiles. But avoid drawing them on an empty stomach. Otherwise, you might find yourself raiding the fridge!

3. One-Line Portrait

One-Line Portrait

Just put pen to paper, and start drawing a face. The trick is to keep the pen on your paper at all times, which creates the coolest effect. It may not be realistic, but it’ll surely be artistic!

4. Taxonomy of Collections

Taxonomy of Collections

What’s a taxonomy, you may ask. This practice classifies objects or concepts. So, wouldn’t it be cool to create your illustrated taxonomy? That can be a collection of mugs, hats, pins, pens, or else. Just lay them out in front of you, and draw your beloved collection.

5. Abstract Underground World

Abstract Underground World

Art can be a safe space, so create an abstract infinite underground world that acts as your refuge. What’s in your refuge? Is it a living room, bookshelf, TV, or something else? How many rooms do you want to draw, and how deep under the ground are they?

6. Your Brain


Now, we aren’t suggesting you draw the actual organ, so don’t go fetch your biology books. Instead, draw what’s going on inside your brain or how you’d want it to be. You can break it up into sections, including your worries, thoughts, regrets, desires, and so on.

7. Monster With an Ink Drop

Monster With an Ink Drop

Add a drop of ink to a blank sheet. Then, you’ll want to blow on it, shake the sheet a bit, and blot the ink with paper. Do you see your monster? Feel free to add legs, eyes, teeth, antennae, or any details that’ll bring the creature to life.

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8. Your Ideal Cafe

Ideal Cafe

If you’re a coffee addict, you probably have an idea of what your perfect cafe is like (real or imaginary). Who are the regulars? What drinks does the place serve? Put it all in your sketch, and create your ideal cafe.

9. Floral Whale

Floral Whale

Why draw a plain whale when you can draw a floral one? After creating the outline of the whale’s body, fill the inside with floral doodles, big and small. Your intricate design will blow everyone away!

10. Self-Portrait


For some self-reflection, draw your abstract portrait. The portrait should reflect your true essence and defining features, both tangible and intangible. But the catch is you can only use three colors! So, what colors best express your essence?

11. Doodle Library

Doodle Library

Do you love doodles? If so, you might want to create a personalized doodle library. This is a chance for you to practice doodling but also have illustrations to fill up your journal spreads in the future.

12. Hybrid Animals

Hybrid Animals

We aren’t talking about existing hybrids but made-up ones. For instance, you can draw the head of an animal with the body of another or combine random parts of different animals to create a marvelous mythical creature.

13. Realistic Elephants

Realistic Elephants

You might want a realistic drawing idea if you’re a seasoned artist. So, why not draw an elephant? Challenge yourself to make it as detailed as possible with your shading.

14. Dancing Stick Figure

Dancing Stick Figure

We wanted to add a drawing idea for the beginners and the little ones. For this one, you can draw a stick figure dancing in as many poses as you like!

15. Ocean Scene in a Light-Bulb

Ocean Scene in a Light-Bulb

Just picture it, several fish and sea creatures swimming inside a light bulb. How cool is that? You can even combine this idea with our first by drawing koi fish in the bulb.

16. Dragon Tattoo

Dragon Tattoo

Does it get any cooler than a dragon tattoo? We didn’t think so. Just think Mushu from Mulan, except nothing like him. We’re kidding; the Mushu statue would make a pretty cool tattoo illustration.

17. Baby Yoda

Baby Yoda

Everyone knows that Baby Yoda is cute, so why not make a Baby Yoda illustration? This way, you can give the cuteness ball all the appreciation it deserves.

18. Mosaic Bird

Mosaic Bird

Create a bird’s outline, and fill it with bold colors and simplistic shapes and lines. This idea is for fans of mosaic artists who want to challenge themselves. You can recreate this with different shapes, colors, and birds.

19. Cute Animals

Cute Animals

There’s an abundance of cute animal sketches online, but you can create one without reference if you want. A tip is to exaggerate and simplify the animal’s features.

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20. Earthworm


Remember the old Nokia “snake” game? Perhaps we’ve just unlocked a memory. You can draw an earthworm getting out of a hole, entering it, or with both ends in different holes.

21. Flowers in a Bottle

Flowers in a Bottle

If you love simplistic art or DIYs, you know what we’re talking about. Using bottles as vases is a classic DIY trick, but have you tried drawing them? They’re super easy, quick, and cute.

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22. Cherry Blossom Study

Cherry Blossom Study

If you want a realistic drawing, just get the real thing! Use a cherry blossom as your reference, and challenge yourself to capture as many details as possible.

23. Shopfronts


Here’s our artistic take on window shopping. Draw several miniature houses with shop fronts, and don’t worry about making them perfect. The ‘imperfect’ lines and angles are what give your drawing personality!

24. Ballerina Frog

Ballerina Frog

Who would’ve thought that this combination might work? Just draw a frog with long skinny legs and arms striking a ballerina pose. And don’t forget the tutu!

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25. Fantastic Keyhole

Fantastic Keyhole

When we say “fantastic keyhole,” we mean it in the most Alice-in-the-Wonderland sense of the word. The keyhole can take up the entire page, serving as an outline (through which we can see a plethora of mythical creatures and talking flowers). Feel free to use this with our hybrid animals idea.

26. Flowered Skull

Flowered Skull

When you combine items that aren’t likely to coexist, the result is usually interesting. For example, you can draw a skull with flowers blooming from inside and around, reflecting the dichotomy of life and death.

27. Seaweed and Coral

Seaweed and Coral

Seaweed and coral are simply stunning and come in various shapes and colors. Drawing an assortment of them can make for a fabulous sketch.

28. Time Turner

Time Turner

Potterheads will appreciate this drawing because it’s Hermione’s time-turner with the elaborate design and hourglass centerpiece. Also, you can add stars around the hourglass to make it even cooler.

29. Zentangle


You might be thinking, “draw a what, now?” We hear you, but let us explain. Start by drawing some overlapping circles, which will automatically divide each circle into two or more sections. Then, doodle distinct patterns on each section in black and white or colors.


Doodles About Yourself

Start with a self-portrait in the middle of the page, and fill the background with whatever makes you, well, you! We’re talking about pets, hobbies, interests, prized belongings, and more.

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31. Steampunk Cityscape

Steampunk Cityscape

Start by sketching basic shapes for buildings, incorporating gears, pipes, and Victorian-style rooftops. Add details like windows, clock faces, and steam vents. Use straight lines for an industrial feel and add shading for depth.

32. Floating Islands in the Sky

Floating Islands in the Sky

Draw irregular shapes for islands floating amidst clouds. Sketch smaller details like trees, waterfalls, or houses on these islands. Use soft, curved lines for clouds and gentle shading to create a sense of height and airiness.

33. Surreal Clockwork Landscape

Surreal Clockwork Landscape

Create a landscape with hills and trees, then transform elements into clockwork pieces like gears and springs. Use circular shapes and interlocking parts, adding shadows to give a mechanical depth.

34. A Scene Inside a Snow Globe

A Scene Inside a Snow Globe

Draw a simple circle or sphere for the globe. Inside, sketch a miniature winter scene with small houses, trees, and figures. Add snowflakes and use shading underneath the globe to create a glass effect.

35. Celestial Bodies (Sun, Moon, Stars) as Characters

Celestial Bodies

Sketch basic shapes for the Sun, Moon, and Stars, then add human features like faces or hands. Use wavy lines for the Sun’s rays, soft curves for the Moon, and twinkling shapes for Stars. Add a dark background for contrast.

36. Tree House Village

Tree House Village

Start with tree trunks and large branches, then add small houses nestled within. Sketch bridges or ladders connecting them. Use varied shapes for the houses and add leaves and foliage for a natural look.

37. Origami Animals in a Realistic Setting

Origami Animals in a Realistic Setting

Draw basic animal shapes but with angular, geometric lines like folded paper. Place them in a natural setting, adding details like trees or grass for contrast between the paper and the real world.

38. Underwater Ruins

Underwater Ruins

Sketch the basic outlines of ancient buildings, then add underwater elements like coral, fish, and wavy seaweed. Use light and shadow to create a submerged effect, with light rays filtering through water.

39. A Garden of Crystal Flowers

A Garden of Crystal Flowers

Draw flowers with geometric, faceted shapes like crystals. Add sharp edges and flat planes to mimic light reflection. Use light shading to create a translucent effect.

40. Mythical Creatures in Modern Day

Mythical Creatures in Modern Day

Choose mythical creatures and place them in modern settings. For instance, a dragon on a skyscraper. Simplify the creatures into basic shapes first, then add modern elements like buildings or streets.

41. Surrealistic Dream Sequence

Surrealistic Dream Sequence

Start with a landscape and add dream-like elements, like floating objects or distorted perspectives. Blend different landscapes, using soft transitions and ethereal colors.

42. A Futuristic Metropolis

A Futuristic Metropolis

Sketch tall, sleek buildings with unconventional shapes. Add futuristic elements like flying vehicles or holographic signs. Use sharp lines and contrast between light and dark for a high-tech feel.

43. Animals as Warriors or Knights

Animals as Warriors or Knights

Choose an animal and sketch it in a dynamic pose. Add armor or warrior clothing, customizing it to fit the animal’s form. Use simple shapes for the armor, adding details for realism.

44. Ancient Ruins Overgrown with Nature

Ancient Ruins Overgrown with Nature

Draw the outlines of ruined structures and cover them with natural elements like vines and trees. Show parts of the ruins peeking through dense foliage, using texture to differentiate between stone and plant.

45. Portraits of Imaginary Aliens

Portraits of Imaginary Aliens

Imagine unique alien features and sketch them with basic shapes. Add details like unusual eyes or skin textures. Experiment with asymmetry and unusual proportions for a more alien look.

46. Mechanical Insect Studies

Mechanical Insect Studies

Choose an insect and break it down into mechanical parts like gears and springs. Sketch these parts in the shape of the insect, adding metallic textures and details for realism.

47. Enchanted Forest with Magical Creatures

Enchanted Forest with Magical Creatures

Draw a dense forest with exaggerated, fantastical trees and plants. Add magical creatures hidden within, using light and shadow to create a mysterious atmosphere.

48. A City in the Clouds

A City in the Clouds

Sketch floating platforms for the base of the city. Add whimsical, cloud-like structures, using soft, flowing lines. Include elements like bridges or waterfalls to connect different parts of the city.

49. A Labyrinth Garden

A Labyrinth Garden

Start with a bird’s-eye view layout of the maze. Add hedges and paths, then fill in with garden elements like flowers or statues. Use shading to show the walls of the labyrinth.

50. A Journey Through the Seasons in One Landscape

A Journey Through the Seasons in One Landscape

Divide your canvas into four parts for each season. Start with spring, using fresh greens and flowers, transition to summer with lush foliage, then to autumn with warm colors, and finally to winter with whites and bare trees. Blend the transitions smoothly.

Final Words

Ultimately, we hope that our drawing ideas have given you the inspiration you need. We’ve added something for everyone, so pick an idea that matches your skill level and preferred art style, and get sketching!

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