20 Cool Anime Character Drawing Ideas

If you enjoy anime, drawing is definitely something you enjoy. Here are 20 cool anime character drawing ideas that you may utilize in your drawings if you’re stuck for inspiration.

You should be aware that anime art is a style, thus you may draw anything in a manga style, no matter what it is. You only need to choose a topic and consider how to draw it in anime style.

Most new artists assume that anime drawings are challenging to create. I’m here to demonstrate that’s untrue, though. The majority of the drawings I’m providing are actually pretty approachable for beginners. Anyone who wishes to practice drawing anime characters will find these pictures to be the ideal reference.

So, let’s start!

Easy Anime Characters to Draw

Anime characters are very distinct from those in other cartoons. You could probably tell if you were viewing an anime or a cartoon just by glancing at the screen. That is a result of the anime characters’ distinctive physical and facial characteristics. Usually, you may recognize an anime character by its peculiar head, eyes, or hair. So let’s go through the fundamentals before moving on to the fantastic anime drawing ideas and sketches.

1. Dabi from My Hero Academia

Dabi from My Hero Academia

I’m sure you’ll like this illustration of Dabi from My Hero Academia if you enjoy a good villain. To give your drawing the authentic Dabi feel, color it in and add some blue flames to the background.

2. Shiro Anime Drawing


I chose a smiling face to represent the beginning of this list of anime drawing ideas. Shiro is a character from the anime Deadman Wonderland. You must watch it if you haven’t already!

3. Snow Queen Elsa Drawing

Snow Queen Elsa

Who hasn’t heard of Elsa from the Disney film Frozen? Everyone, I presume? Every one of you has undoubtedly made a thousand attempts as a child to see yourself wearing the blue Elsa dress and the brown wig. But now that you’re an adult, the dream has undoubtedly not vanished from your imagination. However, by trying out the Elsa anime painting, you can have another chance to live out your fantasies.

4. Senku from Dr. Stone Drawing

The main character of Dr. Stone is Senku. He is a young man who was discovered by Taiju Oki and has reclaimed his life after being preserved for a very long time. Senku is a smart scientist who uses his skills to benefit others around him.

5. Luffy (One Piece) Anime Drawing


Since I was seven years old, I have been a fan of One Piece, and I aspire to be around when it concludes. If you’re stuck for ideas, look to One Piece’s diverse cast of characters for suggestions!

6. Goku Anime Drawing

Goku Anime Drawing

Who can forget binge-watching Dragon Ball and swooning over Goku, the show’s lovable lead? Most likely, am I right? The angry eyes, thick, dark hair, and recognizable facial expressions might transport you back to your younger years. You probably couldn’t find the proper anime drawing ideas when you were younger, but as an adult, you can explore a lot and even add your own creativity to the picture.

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7. Minato Namikaze

Minato Namikaze

This depiction of Minato Namikaze is wonderful. The ninja and Fourth Hokage of Hidden Leaf Village were Minato Namikaze. He was revered by all and known throughout the town as a wise and strong ninja. I have no doubt that you will enjoy this drawing if you like the Naruto Shippuden series.

Anime Characters Drawing

8. Hellsing Alucard Anime Drawing

Hellsing Alucard Anime

Have you ever created a vampire anime? Try painting Alucard if you’re running low on anime drawing inspiration!

9. Itachi Uchiha

Itachi Uchiha

Is it just me, or does Itachi Uchiha, one of the finest anime characters ever, not receive enough credit? This Itachi drawing is excellent in every way. Check out the artist’s website for more anime illustrations.

10. Enoshima Junko

Enoshima Junko

Danganronpa’s use of anime is another fantastic style that you can draw in. Enoshima Junko or any other anime character can be drawn. You can discover your drawing style by drawing a variety of anime characters.

11. Kakashi Hatake Drawing

Kakashi Hatake Drawing

When we were kids, watching Naruto would always make us drool, and only our sketchbooks understood how much we adored the show. But back then, you didn’t really know how to create action poses, so perhaps that was the main issue. Given that it is a Japanese character, its facial characteristics differ significantly from those of the other anime characters. However, if you are aware of this and have reviewed some techniques, you can continue to gradually figure it out.

12. Haikyu Drawing


This drawing ought to appeal to Haikyu!! anime fans in particular. I would strongly advise adding color to make your drawing complete. Without orange hair, a Shy Hinata drawing is incomplete.

13. Shiina Mashiro Anime Drawing

Shiina Mashiro

Without a stunning anime female, what good is a collection of anime drawing ideas? The ideal subject to depict if you want to draw a schoolgirl with long hair is Shiina Mashiro.

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14. Black Lagoon Anime Drawing

Black Lagoon

As we were growing up, Black Lagoon was always a part of our lives, and it probably still is. However, watching it on television often makes drawing it appears too difficult. On television, it frequently appears to be highly exaggerated due to the usage of graphics and color tones. In comparison, it becomes too simple to replicate the postures when you draw them on paper. Having some of the black inks on hand would also be beneficial because you may use them to highlight the characteristics.

15. Zenitsu from Demon Slayer


One of my all-time favorite animes is Demon Slayer. I have to admit, though, that I’m not the biggest Zenitsu fan. LOL! If you like this character, you can use this sketch as a quick reference.

Cool Anime Drawings

16. Edward Elric Anime Drawing

Edward Elric

All people should watch the anime Full Metal Alchemist. Drawing Edward Elric can be a fantastic choice if you’re stuck for ideas!

17. Midoriya Izuku

Midoriya Izuku

This artist makes it appear to be so simple to sketch Midoriya Izuku. The primary protagonist of My Hero Academia is Midoriya Izuku. Despite not having any special abilities, he is a little child who wants to be a hero. I adore how organized and tidy they make the drawing appear to be. If you like this artistic direction, you can view more by selecting the artist’s name.

18. Akira Anime Drawing

Akira Anime Drawing

You must be familiar with the iconic Akira Anime character if you consider yourself to be a true fan and have always enjoyed watching anime episodes. In our younger years, binge-watching Akira anime on television has always been pretty popular. However, having a drawing of it in your sketchbook that looks exactly like one in a comic is a big deal, and most people want it.

19. Nezuko Drawing


One of the prettiest and cutest anime characters is Nezuko. The primary female lead in Demon Slayer is Nezuko. She used to be a sweet and caring girl before becoming a demon.

She yet possesses human feelings, and she collaborates with Tanjiro Kamado to defend people from demons. I wish this illustration was colored in. The icing on the cake would be to see Nezuko with her pink eyes.

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20. Naruto Uzumaki Drawing

Naruto Uzumaki Drawing

Being a member of the Uzumaki anime family, Naruto embodies the fire anime expression and has therefore always been well-liked by the general public, particularly kids. Anyone would be drawn to the mixture of brilliant yellow and reddish-orange colors because it appears so appealing. Although the television’s images may have given you the impression that it was difficult, this is not the case. The body structures and facial angles, which are nothing more than the generation of straight lines, can be perfected before adding the background fire illustration.

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