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F.A.Q. - Frequently Asked Questions

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Can I use your images?
Why are the images FREE to use?
I want images I can print! Can I have them?
Customizable Prints?

What is Nova Celestia?
May I "hotlink" to your images?
What is your education?

How do I link to Nova Celestia?

Can I use your images on my web site?
The images are FREE to use online/presentations (such as Powerpoint/PDF-docs), as long as they are not somehow changed (resizing and overlaying with text allowed). Also, a link back to Nova Celestia is required.

For information about offline usage in (books/magazines/documentaries, etc..) please refer to this link: Prints.

The images are not allowed for the use of gamedevelopers or web sites such as MySpace. To top

Why are the images FREE to use?
I don't have to rely on space art to put food on my table. But.. if you're feeling generous I'd gladly accept 6+ figure donations, in US dollars. Really, I won't mind. In fact, I insist :P. To top

I want images I can print! Can I have them?
Of course! Contact me for the desired prints, and specify its intended usage. Though, the number of prints is limited to a few different motives, today. Adding more prints is my highest priority with this web site.

There are a few conditions that come with my prints:

* I will not grant access to my prints to individuals who wish to use them as wallpapers. They are to be used by the astronomical media only (web sites, books, magazines, documentaries, brochures, powerpoint/pdf presentations, etc..).
* You may alter the image in any way you wish, including adding text to it, but I do not allow overpainting it! That includes changing the colours.
* No monetary compensation needed.
* Also, I want to be given credit by mentioning my name (Fahad Sulehria) and my web site (www.novacelestia.com). You may place this credit wherever you/your designers see fit. This still applies when you have customized the image to any extent.
* If the prints are going to be used in a video, just send me the title of it so that I can buy it when it is out. In case of an online video, I would appreciate a link so that I can view the video for my own pleasure ;).
* Finally, if the print is going to be used in a book or magazine I'd like a free copy of it (My address will be available through mail when we discuss your access). Using several prints in the same book/magazine issue won't affect the number of copies I want (1! only).

There are some situations when these conditions may be a hinderance to you, in which case you'll have to present a good reason and then we'll see. To top

Customized Prints?
Yes. Some illustrations are available in PSD-format, so that they can be customized according to your own needs. Go to the Prints page and see which illustrations are available for your own customization. To save space, they will be compressed in winzip/winrar format, and they should be checked for viruses by those who download them. I give no guarantees about the compressed files being virus free. All I can promise is that I would never intentionally send you a virus. I believe my computer is free from viruses, but you never know, right? To top

What is Nova Celestia?
Nova Celestia is the name of this web site. Here you can find my astronomical illustrations and space art, portraying the universe, along with astronomical information.

"Nova" is a word from latin, which means new, and "Celestia" means sky or heaven. I gave this web site this particular name, because I want to show how the universe looks like from other heavens and not just from earth!

Note, Nova Celestia is NOT to be mixed up with the software Celestia! To top

What is your education?
About 2 years in software engineering, at college level, and 2 years of Multimedia Engineering (which I had to drop due to a family emergency), at the University of Lund, Sweden. Along with that, I have taught myself about space and its' wonders since I was a boy. ;) To top

May I hotlink to your images?
Hell, no. To top

How do I link to Nova Celestia??

Use Ctrl+C to copy the code!

Thank you for your interest in linking to Nova Celestia!

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Free image use: Frequently Asked Questions.