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* 8th Nov, 2011: Rings of Saturn and Volcanic Eruption on Io, have been added to the available prints.
* 17th May, 2011: I now accept Commissions and requests for custom made art! Contact me!

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Free Astronomical Illustrations and Space Art.

Welcome to Nova Celestia! This web site is dedicated to sharing my astronomical illustrations and artwork, based on scientific knowledge, with the astronomical public. I accept Commissions/Requests for custom made art! Contact me to discuss your wish! Enjoy your stay!

Click here for FREE Prints or viewing the Entire Gallery. If you're interested in learning about the Universe, click here: Binary Star Systems, Extrasolar Planets, Galaxies, The Solar System, Stars.

The images are FREE to use, (for the web and on-/offline presentations) as
long as they are unchanged (resizing allowed) and that I am given credit (a link). For accessing Prints see the FAQ for more info. Some Illustrations are available in PSD format so that they can be customized according to your own desire.

What is Astronomical / Space Art, and why use it?

Space and Astronomical Art strives to illustrate the Universe. The genres overlap and the border is vague. What is important to notice is that space and
astronomical art is based on the knowledge we have of the Universe

I see space and astronomical art as a complement to real astronomical imagery. By basing the artwork on knowledge in astrophysics, chemistry and other
sciences, the artist can overcome technological and physical barriers and create a probable view of an environment that is otherwise unaccessible to us.

Of course, the art shares an advantage with real astronomical photography: the ability to inspire people to explore this vast and magnificent Universe!

Fahad Sulehria,
Astronomical Artist,
Administrator of Nova Celestia,
Amateur Astronomer.

Latest Illustrations

8th Nov, 2011.

8th Nov, 2011.

17th May, 2011.

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